American Music Awards 2013: Winners, Performers

Music and Media Consultant Bruno del Granado recaps the night's winners including Justin Timberlake.
3:55 | 11/25/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for American Music Awards 2013: Winners, Performers
Hot stuff Jennifer Lopez rocking last night -- -- you -- right here on ABC. Music and media consultant Bruno -- we're not a joining us now to talk about the big show Bruno welcome. Police did including Justin Timberlake John -- and a whole crap IRB. Killer rendition of an exclusively. On the south. It's very different specifically to black and half including -- that's an amazing kid stuff coming so it's pretty one of the -- the. -- brutal assault Miley Cyrus seems award shows are complete without some kind of shocking strange in this case weird performance right very unusual. Know John after the EM made and the DNA everybody was talking about this for the past few days the most anticipated performance of the night. -- it was kind of like the let down homicide giant. Behind her. And I -- didn't include all the entire during the entire reform. -- let down -- -- -- at least talking about it on Twitter right now so lightning Miley got the last laugh yeah. -- live in the name of the game is -- everybody talked about she she succeeded in that one again that was a little strange. Let's get to the awards brunt of the night really seem to belong to Taylor Swift and Justin Timberlake -- both look great and to seem like they were trading awards back and forth. -- people walked -- with five nominations each. Taylor won four including. Best parties which is the most coveted award and Justin Timberlake won three include. Including two in the soul and RB category which is something he's been anti -- for a long time. Justin performed as well and he was the charts he was amazing. He sold the business or herbal bed -- triple threat that is and I'm sure he's gonna get a slew of Grammy nominations and -- mean yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know that that adds to that comes to -- not necessarily is the word sweet but in this case it really wants quite sweet moment she had with a moment friends. Yet when you think about what Rihanna has been going through in the past couple years -- Chris -- and everything else this is a great. Great moment -- their mom she got very emotional he's Arab questionable ones she's sold over 180 million digital downloads. And she has a 33 million followers on foot or so this can be said about that time. Let's see what happens when she started. Yeah it is amazing lifetime achievement icon awarded in the old days you're you walked up when McCain yet gray -- -- you just got out your rocking chair gets out of war but I -- times change. Finally let's talk about a big night for one direction. You and I couldn't name one of those kids not band that this is by far the biggest band. In the world right now. Today they released her album globally. They need to be all over the airwaves. They get beyond GMA and all over the place this week this is by far. News. New Kids On The Block and -- Backstreet Boys these -- Massive and massively copy their kids around the world here. Posters going up and bedrooms across the country right -- music and media consultant -- del Coronado we thank you is always for your perspective. -- what does everybody it's much world news now.

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{"id":21001388,"title":"American Music Awards 2013: Winners, Performers","duration":"3:55","description":"Music and Media Consultant Bruno del Granado recaps the night's winners including Justin Timberlake.","url":"/WNN/video/american-music-awards-2013-winners-performers-21001388","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}