Papers: America's Rudest Cities

Which U.S. cities are tops when it comes to naughty, not nice?
2:54 | 01/23/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Papers: America's Rudest Cities
-- World news now delivers your morning things. Now I can say this from firsthand experience that. I don't necessarily agree with events but this is from travel and leisure they have ranked the top five greatest cities -- -- -- all right -- And starting with number five guess he had -- guest -- Boston. OK but I think there -- get an -- -- -- our Los Angeles LA the number -- Washington DC. There -- -- Miami. I love my grandma saw me -- me underneath on very friendly and then number one is New York City so reclaiming -- crown from 2009. Say that -- New York -- -- number one for diversity as a result you might encounter on familiar mannerisms that are meant to be need to come across that way deep down voters probably love your experts flamboyant. For looking spirit status AME you're new here these photos to be rude and calling it doesn't just direct which actually kind of appreciate and I think if you -- you ask a follow up question like where the heck am -- what you have done several times. For happening -- figure my way out here social. After straight up here yeah I like that just. Cut to the chase and -- juvenile of the south and -- whatever quick to New Orleans Savannah and Charleston are ranked in the top five for -- -- -- little -- little slower pace of life down there so our. China on the stand up where rank in the top ten greatest if not all fun fun things -- -- smaller so -- -- sent thousands alleged pretty good content happy Chinese New Year 123. 2012 marks -- New -- the year of the dragon for all of you keep -- -- animals and they say. The Chinese -- FDA and lucky Edward gives people did not give them again Williams lot of good luck to people so Chinese people in the year of the dragon like to get married and get pregnant. During a year of the dragon this US postal solvers the US post all off this will release. This their latest political federated and hear the -- area where I am more I was born 78 to the makes me of course -- -- 75 to make sure it. Who now -- before we of course -- Sunday morning this is from Chicago from the sun times reporting that there was. This patron at the -- -- as a bar comes by bar. And he literally made it -- he decided to punch to the sprinkler system he told. Let's let me out there is typically make it Green ranger coming and -- -- -- -- -- -- -- around -- -- and running around -- literally he said that he accidentally -- a sprinkler but come on they had surveillance video edition of the -- -- and the sprinklers seven -- rain he made it rains he literally made it -- Either -- major thousands what is yeah. Strip Hamas. Nvidia know what hit -- -- -- -- -- -- it's Anbar why do you think. The place -- to get across Colombia stepped --

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{"id":15419446,"title":"Papers: America's Rudest Cities","duration":"2:54","description":"Which U.S. cities are tops when it comes to naughty, not nice?","url":"/WNN/video/americas-rudest-cities-15419446","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}