Angelina Jolie 'Really Grateful' After Lifesaving Decision

Jolie made her first public appearance since revealing she had a double mastectomy.
4:11 | 06/03/13

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Transcript for Angelina Jolie 'Really Grateful' After Lifesaving Decision
I -- the skinny Angelina Jolie make her first public appearance and the big announcement that she she and what that problem segment the she went to Britain -- she was there is what Brad Pitt in the premier their new movie -- his new movies Disney world war ZOK. And she was out there in style and -- -- -- exactly right in this is this is post operations there must be very liberating and again empowering. -- obviously she'd recently real let you know what that double vasectomy after carrying that gene. BRC a one -- Brack a one gene as they call and but yet she. Was there around public look at travel. And yeah man you know lying and she says that her husband has been her. Larry -- not her husband and her mate has been incredibly supportive through all of -- and they really do look like they are just. -- -- -- She citizens' confidence. And -- are absolutely. OK moving on to Michael Douglas who is in that new HBO show hard -- are actually -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Michael -- -- you -- remember a couple of years ago. He battled through can't -- -- so he's opening up about the cause of -- -- cancer while a lot of people thought it might have been smoking or drinking he says and then and now. It was actually in his opinion. Borrow acts. Is -- yelling yes is that without want to get too specific this particular cancers caused by -- PD -- which actually. Comes from and -- -- another word but -- -- oral sex so he. He says that this is before is you know he settled down he was very sexually active and he believes that he contracted HPV back in the day. And after the through the years it turned into cure cancer and so for six months he went very heavy -- did did the heavy duty treatment for this throat cancer. He is now cancer free he believes that he. Is baton. He's come back 95% of the time he thinks it's not gonna come back. So he's he's excited about his new movie is happy and -- -- blaming his stroke. I mean medicis. It's disturbing as it is it's good to hear because you think -- HPV news biggest cervical cancer and -- that's about the only cancer there is matter these oral -- happening more and more right and now we're we're alert and that happens people who don't smoke don't really drink whole now we're learning what the cause might be HPV. -- yeah yeah right Kim Garnett -- The girl -- directions celebrating your baby shower on Sunday in she let her fans. No one -- Was revealed on -- show that she and Kanye West are expecting a girl. So how about that I think it's a girl setter position -- She said we're excited -- girl who doesn't want a girl in the best and I know that's really what -- always -- he wanted to little girl and -- agree -- that you have -- -- -- I'm sure you love -- little -- but. I'm not like a little girl. Not that I keep hearing that trying to keep you gotta go to you gotta get most cowboy anyone lucky -- -- -- girl -- your boy. I know I just got as close shop and I don't but I got a girl. I don't particularly when your gold mobile Gold Coast that is to actually come and isn't that Kennedy boys they forget about -- together -- I just think he had a -- so. Oh really quickly beyoncé is apparently trying to put an end the pregnancy rumors she posted a picture of her in Jay-Z she's that -- can see. But some people say Israel can be ready to use it candy cranberry it is the -- needles they could be lottery the whole -- -- -- And what color the color elegant but has ignored. Others but also some people say let's send a lot of doctors when you're pregnant say having a glass of wine -- -- -- -- is not about things so that doesn't exactly put the rumors to rest. He asked me it feels that even more because she beat out -- -- drink -- -- and that our cocktail and that would have been feeling okay she's really not pregnant there's like nothing she can do that to shake those are now. Now here you are saying. Now what this proves even more yeah. I am the ultimate conspiracy here is yeah me it's a giant need as much I might -- you -- you just wait and see world. --

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{"id":19312759,"title":"Angelina Jolie 'Really Grateful' After Lifesaving Decision","duration":"4:11","description":"Jolie made her first public appearance since revealing she had a double mastectomy.","url":"/WNN/video/angelina-jolie-really-grateful-after-lifesaving-decision-19312759","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}