Angelina Jolie's Daughter Makes Big Screen Debut

One of the Oscar winner's daughters will play the baby in "Sleeping Beauty."
3:00 | 08/23/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Angelina Jolie's Daughter Makes Big Screen Debut
Like daughter protect -- -- -- in Angeline and her little girl vivienne one of the twins she is going to be making her. Hollywood debut of big screens or else Disney's new movies get a -- classic remake but. Sleeping beauty and little baby and she sent to play. Briar rose sleeping beauty and she just -- -- -- you just for a mom is actually -- play in the left the cents which is like the evil. Heat illness and that -- which is actually if you look at why sheriff isn't scaring my kids watch it but I might well. Then my little intense but this is not the first Jolie -- two make their big screen debut if you remember. Benjamin button. A couple of -- -- -- yeah restaurant that was actually Shiloh as a baby when when big feature Benjamin button as a baby that is actually -- They like fourteen kittens -- all the might have been actually a show business at zone houses that are the best juvenile -- -- you can nicely done. Also don't worry all Britney Spears is going to give marriage don't -- and -- can't we can. -- well there. A couple of reasons anyway she and her fiance Jason -- -- are still planning to say I do there was some speculation out there that the wedding was all because. She was seen without her engagement ring which he actually -- not just took off for a photo shoot he was -- -- forgot to put it back off so don't sweat it. She says she's looking forward to marrying him after she gets done with her. New commitments for the X-Factor where she's a judge in all of that and she says. -- she's been married before and that whole -- is a little thing that lasted 55 hours over the years ago she is this is going to be her. Real wedding and even military -- ones. So -- very excited for his third dimension the second isn't that -- well really really great want to mention very. The other recipients. That didn't pass argued about how to keep track OK anyway and mom to be again Reese Witherspoon in the hospital according to the ever trustee radar online -- -- she dated right now she's not -- -- the beginning of September but she had complications earlier this week. Said they had to dated -- she's been in the hospital. Hot and they plan to -- there for a few nights just -- postpone the burden. The -- anything really after 36 weeks the baby should be okay but again she's due. And beginning of September when that is in a week tours at mid September and three weeks but. -- all of our best to. Two -- let's take yelled back to 1990s. Shall ever remembers this little -- right here ice ice -- -- I don't utterly robbed then we -- We no longer -- actually has -- the home renovation business these days but. I'm not -- remakes that's on my son's -- and turning into -- for a high zoom on class I was very small sleepy woman has met him collaboration. Take a listen to that -- ultimately is -- dance baby with -- peacekeeping. Hopefully that -- little hesitation after this.

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{"id":17063153,"title":"Angelina Jolie's Daughter Makes Big Screen Debut","duration":"3:00","description":"One of the Oscar winner's daughters will play the baby in \"Sleeping Beauty.\"","url":"/WNN/video/angelina-jolies-daughter-makes-big-screen-debut-17063153","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}