Anne Hathaway Denies Being Pregnant

The 30-year-old Golden Globe winner quickly shot down pregnancy rumors.
3:52 | 01/15/13

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Transcript for Anne Hathaway Denies Being Pregnant
This stuff -- So I don't wounded dizzying closes -- the -- -- -- -- Get from dealers. Hey did you the other Travis. Well you know it's interesting we're talking about and Hathaway yesterday I thought she looked gorgeous in that sort of white personnel shift but then. That Juliana Margolis nano Julianna. Menacing name -- -- From the heat is sort of started his big rumor saying that the rumor on the street was Anne Hathaway was pregnant I don't know I don't know what I -- -- at her dress she didn't look. Triggers an issue with that she was hiding a baby bump -- anything else they are very thin. Com now her publicist her spokesman. Has moved very quickly to dismiss the -- saying and knows she is not pregnant so for all of you on Twitter and FaceBook. And Hathaway is not. To expect. That's the official word -- -- -- terrified that jewels -- such a -- so you know and I have when he oranges it -- -- did. Also Howard Stern back in the news again apparently -- on the show. Last Monday and took aim at -- had done -- you know who she is she's the -- right there on the left star of the big HBO hit. Girls which she stars in directs right she's you know huge if she just won a Golden Globe for her role for not only did she went to the show one as well anyway. Last Monday started out on the show and called her a little -- girl who Cobb looks like Jonah Hill. Quote I learned this little fat chick writes the show directs has shown that makes sense to me because she's such a camera -- the other characters barely or onto on the -- complained about her -- then yeah I don't care how all right the -- took the word back a little -- called an -- job kind of -- put an olive branch out a few days later said he felt bad and now has reached out to the show to have -- come on the air so we got to explain himself. And perhaps apologize -- -- a huge fan. On the show and he has wanted to get the wrong impression of what he thinks. So she not get the wrong impression he clustered at work that -- that -- yeah. How does that lead is double C lean as gracious enough to maybe make it may never hear the -- -- he's his ratings and moving -- along. I don't I don't like you know stir then add to I'm not gotten. Howard called her and I try to get -- Have a holy name's Howard don't come right back and and I didn't Justin Bieber who I just think is very talented and -- -- do you know really dealing with a lot of criticism he's also getting criticism over his bag and he was I beg you can't. What each week he advises tweeted this is to -- photo he says look out I was skinny jeans too so everybody back up off to meet I don't know I like the Maggie better idea exist -- looks a little like meg leg -- CF. I ain't -- I you know I Denny's and go I'd rather. You -- -- read you saying then that the all wrapped and tied up -- now. I'm not feeling and it's a weird look to me I'm just saying but what everybody -- -- understood his millionaire. Also Jackie Chan the -- I -- -- about Jackie. Country in the world nation of the Jackie isn't pretty adamant supporter of the Chinese Communist party admitted -- China has its own. Corruption issues -- -- and human rights issues -- well. But he also once told the newspaper -- Chinese people need to be control otherwise it will do what -- they want. So he supports his party but also what takes aim at America but -- he loves the money and give -- -- -- a lot of money talks about our country 678 hitter but he took that money didn't ejecting we will salute.

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{"id":18217929,"title":"Anne Hathaway Denies Being Pregnant","duration":"3:52","description":"The 30-year-old Golden Globe winner quickly shot down pregnancy rumors. ","url":"/WNN/video/anne-hathaway-denies-pregnant-18217929","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}