Anne Hathaway Injured in Near-Drowning Incident

The actress was swept out to sea while swimming in Hawaii.
3:00 | 01/10/14

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Transcript for Anne Hathaway Injured in Near-Drowning Incident
And welcome back. Now for this -- we've been talking about this the beautiful talented and a half away. Had a bit of a -- she was on vacation in Oahu she was -- first win. And she got pulled out by a tide and actually had to be rescued. That some people got some pictures of this so among local surfer actually heard her crying for help and then raced out was able to bring her back to shore. They were slaves slave labor to have -- back giant locker avalanche airbag and as a public enemy well get a scare of a different kind take a look at that mug shot. Flavor flavor arrests didn't. While driving to his mother's funeral home -- going 79 miles per hour and 55 zone police say he is sixteen license suspensions already on his record and guess what economists and -- I don't believe that for -- second. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't know if you -- listening to public enemy but bill Howell fired Calhoun -- patent and -- and George Stephanopoulos. And his hilarious away -- -- where it. What they did their first interview together it's very brave of him because you know she loves to read him a bed and -- and a bit of a hard time so. They -- -- either Andy -- show on Bravo. And I -- had a few -- date after the few questions about politics and about his time in the Clinton White House that the and they. Of course -- just turn it a little silly to they would be sensible pictures of when they were -- and made fun of his hair and had a good time when that. You know I always enjoy seeing George in a more casual environment where he's just kind of you know he's totally -- -- -- and he's he's just being himself it's so nice and -- and so good -- what he does. Thanks -- -- -- -- -- in just hanging out having fun with the way. All right well Kim Kardashian remember right 600 talking about -- like every other day I wonder why Kim Kardashian throwback Thursday pick. When she was I think she was take a look at this she was. Thirteen years old. Wow OK my -- card -- and she's thirteen years old and guess who that is that is Nicole. Richie. We don't know where they took this photo from but it looks like it hasn't -- -- photo Booth thirteen years old and just take it real close look at Nicole Richie. Those are braces for a living -- I don't think anyone has seen Nicole -- like this but this is amazing to see them obviously new friends and their growing up. And -- that's. But the person we're seeing like us. Now what we've been talking about about him so much on this show I'm wondering when you go back and start covering war -- Aren't you going in this this kind of hard hitting journalism. Kim Kardashian yeah that's is lessons heartening news you can get really packed planes scandal drama intrigue. Television artists send you a lot of policy article about all of this tells C is that she takes are just pass them -- -- way as we get them.

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{"id":21485225,"title":"Anne Hathaway Injured in Near-Drowning Incident","duration":"3:00","description":"The actress was swept out to sea while swimming in Hawaii.","url":"/WNN/video/anne-hathaway-injured-drowning-incident-21485225","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}