Anthony Weiner Returns to Twitter

The disgraced politician and NYC mayoral candidate is back where his troubles began.
3:00 | 04/23/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Anthony Weiner Returns to Twitter
Welcome to this -- it's now also time to welcome. It's kind of been lost in the world of Twitter you know what I mean. -- -- -- -- actually prefer very good thing ending clean air back on Twitter this is -- -- confession an air congressman who lost his congressional seat back in 2011 because he was some isn't. Questionable -- to some female tennis followers. There he is his -- -- war. -- loved him and semi naked if you well suddenly he's. Now while eying a run for the mayor of new York and he has rejoined could -- -- on an Monday hits and he's got and you handle which is at Anthony Weiner. And he isn't very it is -- -- The decidedly un sexy hasn't -- he had good he asked so -- he basically -- -- -- to -- publication which is Kansas City 64 ideas to keep New York the capital of the middle class. I think he's trying to make a clean break from his old username which as a rep Weiner which is the Twitter name that he was using when he -- out all of those questionable pictures -- And clean break from that his old Twitter account and 67000. Followers is an -- -- -- -- -- -- 3000 so far so it. If you want to hear from Anthony Weiner -- -- -- -- new on Twitter still want to how to attach a picture yet been picture yet maybe you can show me that later it sent a note to self. Those topless photos of John Street got sick and that is lesson number I want -- from Andy -- in no -- twittering when under the influence. -- since the next story Witherspoon bash is cancels on my appearances on anti GMA Good Morning America -- -- canceled Jimmy Fallon. Obviously this follows what happened on Friday unfortunate moment for her husband she got a disorderly conduct -- -- husband. Got charged with driving under the influence and they were pulled over she apparently was not pleased that the police pulled over -- advantage -- -- -- getting out of the car allegedly in the that's when they arrested her. You know it's an interesting move you know you're embarrassed you don't really want to talk about it but everybody sort of love somebody and she said a very good statement after which he apologized. Profusely said all the right things in a statement C wonder if maybe she should go on these talk shows let everybody have their lap and just say I've looked like you know my place she said -- There's dancing -- handle it it's going to be the first question of your interview and they get to talk about all the -- that you're doing anyway go out there everybody loves her anyway she's sweet -- America. Thank god -- GMA but I I think an almost as if I was in the issues go on the comedic show because at least you know they're all gonna laugh at you the flag as opposed to Allan -- you thinking -- -- that adds even more but I know you're right. It's embarrassing. Political Kardashian has kind of been fired from the X-Factor and -- She wasn't gonna the show -- she goes so anyway she when he out reality star is not returning for season three by. Mary -- -- -- -- two of them together he will be back. Fox producer said in a statement she will not be returning as co host we really enjoyed working with her wish her all the best in the future. So now I'm John you watch I do not to you be able to attest to this apparently her a lot of training kind of -- occasionally yeah. I don't know what -- yeah this Olivia prepared unsure -- what to do with the live television. -- I thought -- I mean this enemy that I thought somebody -- what drove choices were a little questionable. And I tell -- what -- sweetheart my daughter is on out -- -- -- and every time I'd scream something at the TV that was a little less than flattering about her and I -- be like she's -- leave -- -- -- She's she did have a fans especially. Our fans -- She even -- minute that she really didn't know what was going on at one point saying just learning now that there's a screaming audience and you don't have to yell into the microphone -- -- -- -- is on national TV most people started small markets like she'll do fine.

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{"id":19020519,"title":"Anthony Weiner Returns to Twitter","duration":"3:00","description":"The disgraced politician and NYC mayoral candidate is back where his troubles began.","url":"/WNN/video/anthony-weiner-returns-twitter-19020519","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}