Arrests in Justin Bieber Murder Plot

Career criminals found with gardening sheers intended to castrate the teen pop star.
2:12 | 12/13/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Arrests in Justin Bieber Murder Plot
The men who wanted to kill the mega star singer are now in custody that's the good news also authorities are releasing information about how they plan to kill -- and several other. Us. The details of the plot to kill Justin -- are as gruesome as they are bizarre. It all starts with -- Dana Martin who's in prison for rape and murder in New Mexico. The 45 year old has an image of Bieber tattooed on his leg after several letters to the pop star went unanswered. An affidavit says mark who recruited another inmate mark sticky to kill -- after staking -- release. This wasn't just one person acting -- it wasn't -- people applying together this was a group that was really orchestrated by someone who was already imprisoned. So is fascinating to me. In October sticky and his nephew ten -- rule Wayne first went to Vermont where they planned to kill two unnamed victims. But that never happened because -- he was arrested by Border Patrol agents on outstanding warrants through -- continued to New York where he planned to kill -- And his bodyguard in late November. That affidavit also says that during phone calls between sticky and -- authorities for references to murder plot. When -- Wayne was arrested in New York a pair of pruning shears which were to be used to mutilate Bieber was found in his car. You know -- can't -- as being relatively tight lipped about all of this the only thing his rep told us is that every precaution is being taken to ensure beavers safety. As well as the safety. Of his fans bizarre and even the word for that story. You mentioned that shares those gardening clippers that they were planning and -- trading hand with the reward for. Editors have but with a reward for each testicle they were able to cut off and then eventually strangle him with a -- necktie. -- to go out on a limb and say maybe these guys have a few issues did this it just doesn't driving me crazy but the good news here is that we make it -- -- -- -- These are up seeing deranged criminals here you know I -- and could have been threatens -- so we were led authorities. You know happened in custody and that that's the good news but wow what a what a world we live in yes.

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{"id":17958226,"title":"Arrests in Justin Bieber Murder Plot","duration":"2:12","description":"Career criminals found with gardening sheers intended to castrate the teen pop star.","url":"/WNN/video/arrests-justin-bieber-murder-plot-17958226","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}