Ashton's Mistress Speaks

Ashton Kutcher's alleged mistress is speaking out. What is she saying?
3:31 | 11/25/11

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Transcript for Ashton's Mistress Speaks
It is they haven't got a question that that's available yet but never let us. Welcome back -- -- that stating that everybody has started and I'm a huge American Idol fan I watch it every season especially since. So idol champ this year with Scott -- he's also. Our Puerto Rican he had amassed some lip sync flub at the Thanksgiving Day parade -- -- -- -- -- -- he's -- good -- apparently. It's no shocker that these folks you know seeing they -- to get this big parade but this morning. It was so obvious he started singing one of his songs just a little bit too late take a listen to this got -- -- There will move your home to their meeting in new York. And you. I'll hold -- -- Devastating and devastating news were not opt in if it. Goodness gracious and -- got a great point and if -- on American Idol. You've got this boy see this money we can send a man into the moon can get somebody -- -- -- -- float. Do you -- It -- nearly everything is planning analyst Ellen now hosted busted lip -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- dashing back and it was a little bit because the girl he allegedly cheated on -- we have this girl what's that Sarah -- old regime given have you -- -- -- -- -- look how responsible do you feel for the average breaking up. It was she basically said was look I may hit a bump in the road but for someone to file for divorce obviously was a long time coming she added we obviously have issues -- before I came. You know -- -- say something here -- now I think that there is just a special place in health for women that liked to have sex with other people's thousand. I mean and it's an extra. -- -- -- -- -- I just think it's ridiculous for someone to say you know well it's not my fault that I cheated you know -- -- with your husband. You must have problems before it's a cop out as she should be ashamed of herself that a parent I don't know -- everyone knew he was married but I you let your more -- -- -- heard what you would be at twelve of them but she he's more guilty than she -- I haven't even apportioning guilt signing -- there's a special place in hell for Sara -- -- it -- first let you judge and a -- have a good one yeah. They believe that that is what I love to talk about jail and have obvious legally mad about this story -- -- some place in -- for this. -- think you can tell that. Yeah that the commercials he adds I'm Jennifer love and from a loved one gets what she -- -- -- double back from -- detained -- -- -- -- -- -- -- lands housing. -- in the -- actually received. I think former Colombian real no no -- -- you go back from her -- Yeah this. Would you want and you know I love me some Jay Leno -- mind. Go back to the Bronx I'm from the Bronx just go back to the Bronx with -- FBI and and and and you know and there. -- -- -- -- If anything that I saw Taylor with that American music awards at the time is the booty is not what used to be -- all of the net it was. Get a little shear off -- decorated in I don't know didn't do it on the chin. -- -- the same movies do what would be scared. -- Moody's all the way down I was just such an amendment that. From compliment booty and his not good news is being I was just talking about -- You know.

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{"id":15026559,"title":"Ashton's Mistress Speaks","duration":"3:31","description":"Ashton Kutcher's alleged mistress is speaking out. What is she saying?","url":"/WNN/video/ashton-kutcher-moore-mistress-divorce-celebrity-hollywood-15026559","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}