Skinny: Ashton Kutcher's Advice

What does the "Two and a Half Men" star have to say about relationships?
3:25 | 11/21/11

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Transcript for Skinny: Ashton Kutcher's Advice
I never tire that song you -- never announced classes what we all important world news now time for -- -- -- last night in the AMA the American music awards and we thought. -- -- it actually Donna pretty entertaining show are absolutely moments that it's not about dozens go through some of the big winners from Sunday night. Artist of the year went to Taylor's that she would never be my special. David you -- and expect that getting. Tired you have to and it went up all this again. All that bad rap hip hop artists went to -- human not human being angry performance. Pop rock female -- went two DLC went to battle the forces -- three years. And then pop rock male artist went to Bruno Mars and those are big winners from not from last night we choosing -- as well really -- had a great night to she did this performance -- -- -- I'm megaphone of the elephant I imagine a good as he always does -- was this in -- -- do everything -- Never disappoints me that she does not do things that we would like it was that uses new commercial for Seattle TV Aegean -- on stage -- -- -- one of the performance so. Shameless product performance at low tech he got caught but -- still -- Great performance last night you know campaign there we'll pay her whale and the show -- these guys right here LK LM at. You cannot say only after being a great -- performance David Hasselhoff inexplicably. Has -- -- -- others as the wildest ending up additional parts of Gaza they always do I got the party and give a big exclamation points over the. I loved it well actually pressure wasn't there as far as I could tell you know he was this lady who grew. That's right but he likes to give relationship advice apparently yes in this -- -- help he is dishing out some relationship advice apparently. And he also says some things in women's health -- she has really gotten some folks talking. When asked the best advice he'd ever gotten he said I think it's all about working on the relationship it making it better. What is good don't wait for promised to work on things the goal is not to get its relationship the goal is to. Vietnam relationship whatever that means no idea no idea and I don't know who would take relationship advice -- hatch again won't. Hair is -- What -- -- just. In Georgia and have meant for the six episodes that will ask if he was the star all right over back in his little nation starting this new series on her. Network all she's coming back do something called Oprah's next chapter which -- gonna premiere in January. Should do simple things -- gone Steven Tyler and is now to some it was Sean Penn. Hang out Paula dean -- -- summer party but who says she's doing all this is going back to the air because the network pretty much just -- ratings are -- Got a really down -- Gail king's gonna CBS bruise he's often struggle -- -- She's gone back not to it is behind the scenes of -- because she really has to help save. This national outdoor -- Oracle if anyone can do this you can't -- -- so good luck no. Now also New York Daily News reporting Mila Kunis -- -- the Marine Corps ball with Sargent Scott Moore. -- along the -- of just president elect Timberlake I really like it but she's not a slam that that I thought she would be ready. She's beautiful we're pretty girl but not the best we've seen her what she did a good deed for one of our brave men it was a wonderful I like to see that I know it's funny they -- --

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{"id":14996811,"title":"Skinny: Ashton Kutcher's Advice","duration":"3:25","description":"What does the \"Two and a Half Men\" star have to say about relationships?","url":"/WNN/video/ashton-kutcher-relationship-advice-14996811","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}