Austria's Stairway to Nowhere

A glass platform that goes over the Austrian Alps has been introduced to tourists.
2:55 | 07/09/13

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Transcript for Austria's Stairway to Nowhere
-- -- for the -- you know that they had a Grand Canyon I've been a Grand Canyon but before they don't think it's that glass sort of I don't know what you call it. I had. What about look at what thank you when you look down and you see the -- go holy -- something sort of similar in the Austrian -- built at a resort I want to show it's called the stairway there's nothing that's. It's pretty impressive. I'll check -- out you walk out there this in the Austrian Alps and then he walked down fourteen stairs. In -- right hair and you get a little closer there's nothing -- and it's a glass. Apparently -- nerves of steel required to walk down that but really it's -- And it's in stocks -- the Malaysian resort in the Alps would you do what -- -- 300 meter long bridge -- six months to build the bridge. And then -- went upstairs to know. This is my problem with this little structure here and yeah there is under review -- -- -- lyrics he did you -- that that though the walkways there and then there's the fourteen stairs collapsed. Down and you can't fall off. But hunting and takes a -- person wanted atmosphere that is not what I want to go very disorienting when you're walking down in the not summary want to break up somebody like yeah. Glass enclosure nevermind -- -- up I'm actually do that you know we always talk about what you're gonna jump out of planes such yet. But it's likely that -- -- pulled -- like a late right. Take -- little people believe that she actually did. I take this out blue themed jewelry -- -- all been waiting for that there's all kinds of buzz going on online because a couple of celebrities have been spotted wearing the stuff this one is by the region in New York that is a bottle opener of that when I was how. I now -- very inconspicuous and -- kind of the one that started this whole trend because she was spotted. Wearing blue demons when little is don't have -- the skies and light flexible wore bracelets disguised as well. That is good news is that it well there can be -- if you understand it there again. We didn't. Sorry and I -- a message -- many questions yet can't have a and other stuff. -- -- -- I don't go there he does so she you know -- -- this picture of her wearing -- online said -- -- -- -- doesn't have a problem that rule doesn't want this kind of give money I haven't taken so long for this thing to be developed that's my challenge. So there you go with the latest trends simply don't rallied apparently is only -- the blast and -- new York at the bottom up and everything has gotten yet. This is pretty awesome you know men don't wash their hands when -- go to the bathroom apparently 15% of men don't do that according to a study. Well Latvian designer. That's something in mind that there's a sensor up top you wash your hands and a little bowl talk well down below you do any business instead of the -- He's meant to wash their hands and go at the same time here's what makes us and I don't know what and when do -- they -- it still wash their hands we'll burn and. I don't write in and what they until and it takes longer come on buddy get out there right we need to go -- has the things I hate the bad idea made it happen.

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{"id":19613437,"title":"Austria's Stairway to Nowhere","duration":"2:55","description":"A glass platform that goes over the Austrian Alps has been introduced to tourists.","url":"/WNN/video/austrias-stairway-19613437","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}