The 'Baby Mugging' Craze

A new viral craze called "baby mugging" takes over the online pages.
2:54 | 05/01/13

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Transcript for The 'Baby Mugging' Craze
Welcome to make everybody we are really excited about this but -- My heart of this -- called baby -- yes we talked about yesterday and did so they. Mining is very simple concept he basically taken you put it in front of your child -- may be on the floor standing up you take your camera you take a picture and -- you have a baby inside of my here's a couple of London. This is an enemy is it really adorable. That they find out the other big baby coming up is absolutely adorable and so we got inspired here. And this next one coming up. Maybe they don't read it all the excitement is John is it that. It's illegal and horrible that is fairly good accident report came into work in the end that's the best -- could do -- -- I love that essentially a little bit she did -- -- think that -- all. She came in the -- -- rescue is that here's my inspiration else this is mr. indebtedness is your big man and six months old -- and -- now Santa. -- check in home care and -- finally you -- in the moments leaves yeah that's -- he looked like a big boy Jack is that they when he insists on wearing his hat everywhere he goes I'm just giving you take that off the second I'm not looking but anyway that's. That's that's maybe not good for you if you think it now. -- -- you can't simply put this on Twitter -- but it. Anywhere you want but it was started by blog called -- short. And her FaceBook fan page and Amsterdam as well if you wanna put it on Twitter it hash tag being in my. -- talk about -- and recommend with. -- About it some apparently men are more attractive. And -- I don't think so let me get -- apparently there's a new study and researchers did this big 351 women 177 heterosexual males. They viewed these photos and maybe -- yeah. Basically the bottom line -- man with a heavy stumble like considered the most year old and sexy and healthy according to the people who -- recent. They didn't like I say this much -- Michael White stubble as much like that at least double just short of the year hurt -- in Tibet. So they got the agreed to recommend -- Not his -- the added at least -- -- -- all of this not some commitments and some that's just what winehouse the okay. To get meteorologist lieutenant stopped -- -- don't have a -- of time he'd have to watch that got my ten on the west side -- There's usually an -- of course is what happened right we have heavy weather but bear with things that excuse me tell -- from the heartland to sunny side here's the big excuse the big picture. Before they go to for right developing as well there -- right around 536. Excuse me -- -- -- I think John and homeland and you are have a. It got lost my voice and never have -- -- -- I never I think is not yet done off whenever we just can't --

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{"id":19080660,"title":"The 'Baby Mugging' Craze","duration":"2:54","description":"A new viral craze called \"baby mugging\" takes over the online pages.","url":"/WNN/video/baby-mugging-craze-19080660","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}