Baby Reacts to Hearing for the First Time

A new viral video shows a deaf baby being able to hear for the first time.
3:00 | 01/28/14

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Transcript for Baby Reacts to Hearing for the First Time
Time now for the next week a few of these videos parents videotaping the first time in their. Child is able to hear and this is another. Behind someone that we -- -- else this just 22 month old Dylan -- didn't molest -- He was born deaf and he had a hearing in eighth place and through his years. And that is because your mom was videotaped his -- reaction to being able to hear their voices were. We'll check it out. That is -- diet. -- -- That's -- best haircut how does little baby Dillon so he's -- Out. And hospital at Richmond Virginia commonwealth university. And you just let. Here is that your mom because he likes -- the highways this is great but yeah Anthony Dennis Skinner. My minister doesn't present -- -- isn't -- can you tell a story yes. This is -- really -- one to dog owners have known this for years despite what. Behaviors and scientists have said your dogs do love you and now there's like some concrete proof here that just -- -- -- -- -- -- Right that's the traditional thinking and I think with cats it might be but was. They haven't done a study on -- -- but scientists at Emory university in Atlanta Georgia discovered that the same. Place in the brain that human emotions of affection and love come from for other humans. Dogs have the same thing firing away. For their human owners and they know this because they -- of dogs that chill out be cool and -- -- brain scan and MRI machines and they found out -- the same exact. Affection senators -- Light up front office so they pretty cool you. You're right about that fat in all honesty works for cats and dogs cats that look at what exactly -- -- -- -- -- jets did what they're different animals in -- sometimes like -- chimney area over their maintenance. I ran to a different kind of and warm and Fuzzy feeling another one -- well a much different kind of -- -- the county fair in Denver Colorado. Now featuring. Marijuana regularly out of their -- nine different categories -- plans they're not bringing their you can send your picture and they are also having a -- -- joint rolling contest -- instead -- bring in the hot. There -- using -- Reagan now. It's OK since that with the -- -- but it's just a celebration -- without the bill. In the city tried. That's articulate just left home by the way this is live in the Netherlands video speaks for itself. Watches tank command -- candidate at the very -- on the brakes on the tank and that we'll just let it go to. -- always look at me crazy -- --

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{"id":22260928,"title":"Baby Reacts to Hearing for the First Time","duration":"3:00","description":"A new viral video shows a deaf baby being able to hear for the first time.","url":"/WNN/video/baby-reacts-hearing-time-22260928","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}