Baby's New 'Crib'

Dad-to-be Bryan Canatella showed off his daughter's nursery by creating an MTV "Cribs"-style video of the room.
2:53 | 07/16/15

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Transcript for Baby's New 'Crib'
All right we star in the mixture memory MTV cribs countless lives I've loved watching do they still do the updated with a monster would see many tech yet here you all don't know show. Pacific goes in the slivers home and you see how lavishly they live wow bow wow you have been barred him. We can all do this but we didn't I'm Jamaican MTV cribs and ask video at least right. This is what one guy being a dad to b.'s name is Brian got to tell well he decided to put it together a video. Showing off his babies nuke that's great the prayer that scared but in this that would limit the first. They're basically balloons. And look. Doesn't on the west wing of the house. If bid up. Business on in this music get a camera angles all that he cannon mills that there would have been a little fun with it but he's with those that they Cecelia yeah. The new new daughter is coming with a seven. But I have to say is script looks fantastic business hits and butter if you don't mean millions and millions of dollars this is creative is good love it love it love it love it. I love also going to defeat because they're selling to buildings and half. Getting my feet and hands pretty young men don't admitted eight mile service what do you on the beach that hot at every state every agency lead. Little bit. I'm back now there's news service there other people up there apparently it's called Sam Cassell pot let them build anything anytime I. A sand castle you want on the beach he would do one more quality time with your family who still have bragging rights. You are still the playlist person on the beach just somebody else bill before you this is what we this is where we are. Then this comes first to get I guess we'll with the service and have a brainstorming session. They elaborate create look at this court to saint castle could we do that no arm. No promising something about it in the sharks but it could. Breed and I'm missing something since you don't you go to the beach to have your own fund and somebody comes and have fun for you don't come that they come to do all of the hard work that you don't wanna do. And then you have for hacking rights. Who was built. And that. They don't brigadier Jack arts. That blows my mind I think it's fantastic. He knew you would. 01 last one here are column we leave leaving with a musical styling of musician out of Cairo. Okay slugger who. You know look you make labor recorder right now any big bucks and predicted gas. Like that and go. I could never got into my pocket cost about me why would you would just hire but politically it for you right. Iraq could put according.

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{"duration":"2:53","description":"Dad-to-be Bryan Canatella showed off his daughter's nursery by creating an MTV \"Cribs\"-style video of the room.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"32486362","title":"Baby's New 'Crib'","url":"/WNN/video/babys-crib-32486362"}