'The Bachelor' Big Finale

Bachelor Chris Soules had to choose between the final two ladies, Becca and Whitney.
4:04 | 03/10/15

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Transcript for 'The Bachelor' Big Finale
A right wolf we are gonna start with a laugh thank season finale of the bachelor after weeks of having to make tough decisions are bachelor Chris. I'd choose between the final two ladies back up. And I would need to know what you do here that pressure was building this they are actually his Iowa born it's cold out there Chris villages one back up up first. You're. Really Randy. Has just go with my heart and my god. When the dust settled Whitney appeared confident yet Middle East tired. Chris went for it. About this since way. Yeah. Thank you have an XCX big ticket. I'm Brenda Goodman the bloom that a. I wonder what the Kleenex box you keep it up for that quite a broad Jimmy Kimmel surprised the newly engaged couple with that gift of life stuck out from Chris this program. Okay. Well it's been done made announcement for the upcoming season of the bachelorette. Was actually made this is what will be a bigger deal here for the first I've ever their ability to bachelorette. At least for a little while it's Kate let him bread. They've done both feel the chill though both denied a rose by Chris. This past season so that he co bachelorette so when the 25 male contestants show up between five males are gonna decide which of the two of them. I'm going to be the bachelorette. That's cruel and so little bit interstate we'll see how. Mystery adventure film tomorrow land has been for a fact that taught. See our parent company Disney commitments now before it's finally released a trailer of the film. Star George Clooney and Britt Robertson that focuses on a teenager who find the magical pin that transports it to the future and the man. Who must take her there in a magical backed up. Want to come under attack you follow that. You can. Tomorrow land in theaters may 22 stand next to two more plot lines in the works along. Also dealing with alternate realities of a divine nature. Sources have confirmed the Hollywood reporter that utilize in talks to start almost torn T knows first ever television series the young poll. The series revolves around a fictional American hope the becomes most conservative pontiff said that get has ever seen. So vick's great Oscar winning actors Octavia Spencer is reportedly finalizing negotiations to play. God and in an upcoming film adaptation of the best selling novel the show. House interstate and now that excitement over. On an all female ghostbusters movies starting Chris doing Melissa McCarthy has actually settled Sony announced another ghost. Esther yeah this one is more like the original whip your guys and donning the proton packs that. Well the been behind the production that's in the works. As one of Hollywood's top guys chatting Cagle he is. Reported to be producer for the project which leads me to speculate that he also be starring in the film even more rumors that Chris had not could be in this one as well. Builds what is it having a mall about its waited content. Plus it's very I think it.

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{"duration":"4:04","description":"Bachelor Chris Soules had to choose between the final two ladies, Becca and Whitney.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"29522330","title":"'The Bachelor' Big Finale","url":"/WNN/video/bachelor-big-finale-29522330"}