'The Bachelor' Ends Without a Proposal

Juan Pablo decides that he wasn't ready to offer either woman a proposal.
3:00 | 03/11/14

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Transcript for 'The Bachelor' Ends Without a Proposal
So he's gotten everybody started. The finale of ABC's the bachelor it was not the traditional ending for Juan Pablo in the last two ladies. Put it out -- and it just got that all is our senior bachelor analyst. She and we aren't here all -- to consumers everybody. Oh sure yeah -- -- one way to say -- another -- another Wednesday it is it was messy and we'll start with the first -- -- actually her last day would Juan Pablo started -- -- Catamaran they make their way to the beach. There's lots of four awkward silences are -- that there on the couch. He is not seeing him I love you. Just keep that in mind. If you don't if you know what I'm -- Part Claire's last -- Starts off -- a helicopter ride everything seems to be going well that we hear Claire say something to be effective you know. That want public told her I don't know anything about -- we don't know anything about each other and they apparently said -- didn't sexual. Sort of the weirdness. And -- right they get over they work it out. Time for the big finale. Claire arrives first there she is looking lovely she finally gets up to Juan Pablo on the stage there she is -- ready to be. Propose to -- Didn't quite happen that way what public -- I have to say -- -- you. -- didn't take that so well what spirit. Their last respects -- and couldn't because. I tell you. I thought I knew it -- -- and you are okay. What you -- -- -- would I would never want my children having a father like you've been. Cool Leland in baker. Big. That is so infuriated pro that I'm make your skin crawl. -- is next up into the torture chamber. -- except JP's final rose. Not the ring. Still no I love you. We -- not hurt and even offer anything they say they're happy we get to. After the final rose JP is on the defense's. -- -- say it all too much like -- too many details here's what he had to say in his own defense. Story that they -- the it and number you guys want him to but like a set to be honest and thus I felt. Gonna have to respect that families -- have to spend you know verdant and that's why did so we're taken -- our relationships low and now real life. It's gonna tell well so they go -- so long they have -- probably not going to be too long Chris Harrison was irritated at best. And all by the way a couple of weeks back I hate to say who nailed this one hit that sound -- I'm gonna say this on national television Juan Pablo. Not get -- -- nobody didn't want of these. But who get -- -- in the end. Nobody. Nobody is the winner in the end checking the -- -- Steve Allen Drummond led by the way mark your calendars may nineteenth and be. Who told Juan Pablo to bid it. She's a new bachelorette will be -- you'll see that if not thanks very much appreciate it. I don't -- great anywhere kicked while. What -- finale except Justin -- behaving like Brad beaver remained -- last weekend allowed to Wear his bodyguard allegedly beat up a photographer for the whole tape last more than four -- -- and -- you can see beavers that attitude on full display take a look. To listen if you have to say form aren't we -- that didn't make sense. Correct doesn't make sense that's a weird question didn't mention she's asked and I didn't finish my I didn't finish I'm sorry I don't know -- will -- He didn't want would you please look at the film. I'm anytime -- try to get back to basics about showing up her surprise performance by the bar in Austin, Texas there. He picked up the music portion of SXSW these reforms to. -- -- they revealing magazine interview with mad -- Elizabeth mosque. First the cover also revealing wearing nothing but a pair of overalls -- tells New York magazine that her marriage to former SNL star Fred Armisen was quote. Extremely traumatic. The two were married for just eight months. -- -- says she's glad the marriage didn't happen when she was -- -- that they never had kids she's glad she got out of the way she also says. He's already doing impressions but the greatest impression he does is out of the normal person it's just mean really got to kind of an trash talk like. I've Miley Cyrus keeps pushing the line further and further her latest look was purely accidental or so she said. But -- -- performing in Milwaukee when she appeared on stage and only a bra and underwear and the reason it. Miley says she just didn't have time to finish getting into grasped yet come I don't and -- I'm just gonna come out -- We'll every -- and for the. Maybe now I Miley did tweet she says I didn't make my change my quick change that I couldn't come out not come -- on -- -- Where does that run out of my undies so now we look at what's -- excuse for all the other we're very revealing things we've seen her and -- -- -- by Madonna asks that wasn't as part of classic coming back lecture to usually start Chevy Chase will soon be a comedy franchise and it is -- adjacent to date is the new movie will be called flat to one. And Sudeikis plays the lead character and investigative reporter named Irwin Fletcher is perfect for them yes. You may recall the 1985 version movie was based on a series of novels the first one written in 1974 and also star Gena Davis. I was about billboard's list of the richest musicians -- out and might be surprised who's on the top of the last. And I give me -- -- she is only 23 has won seven Grammy Awards and fifteen American music awards. And her personal life is just as -- -- her songwriting. Get up. It miss Taylor's top and then -- -- -- wouldn't 39. And a half million England last year might get them right next up -- country artist Kenny Chesney may 33 million dollars last year. And that I listen JT Justin Timberlake me more than 31 million dollars last year and our. Take a -- look at a celebrity birthday or to our colleague here at ABC news Sam Donaldson turning eighty today. Singer Lisa -- turns 46. Actor Terrence Howard -- 45 actor and daredevil Johnny Knox -- celebrate.

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{"id":22857408,"title":"'The Bachelor' Ends Without a Proposal","duration":"3:00","description":"Juan Pablo decides that he wasn't ready to offer either woman a proposal.","url":"/WNN/video/bachelor-ends-proposal-22857408","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}