'The Bachelor' Makes His Choice

Ben Flajnik proposes to Courtney Robertson in the Swiss Alps.
2:45 | 03/13/12

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Transcript for 'The Bachelor' Makes His Choice
Spotlights I know that you've been glued to this season of actress I really don't need to formulate any of this -- OK so -- Flashing her over the keys to his last name got down on bended knee and proposed to model Courtney Roberts in the girl that nobody seemed to really like on -- -- Monday's controversial bachelor finale. Little Switzerland he says I promised myself I would get down on Monday -- I -- certain that it was our ever. Well not change his mind agreed to an insider during the actors final rose episode. She revealed that her fiancee dumped their three months after that proposal which was shot November and then reconciled with her as. Actually have to count related he says if they were just friends but it reportedly -- -- I'm sure you know this wonderful three weeks their lives on engagement last movie on his other love news this morning. Really -- -- -- coming out about Whitney Houston here other sources now talking out there's saying she -- let's have a thing for. Jermaine Jackson of course Michael Jackson's brother and that she actually called him very late at night five years that a confession -- -- leave the Bobby brown and wanted to marry him at the time Jermaine was married. But he said it was reportedly he will report that he consider the offer. In this and earlier this week reports servers the Jackson Houston actually had a long affair back in the early eighties when Jermaine was married to his first wife so. Who knows -- that's true enough but now those reports beginning to surface on top of that of course the big interview with Oprah. Was this past -- -- apparently 3.5 million people tune in to see. Big big numbers for our own not as big as -- -- I would have been overwhelmed you know regular broadcast TV but certainly. Others -- for over firm that worked to put folks tune in. To see that but keep in mind MTV's Jersey Shore gets higher ratings so makes a difference we've -- start your own network here. Fan of Madden and wild wonderful yes criminals and Jon -- this evening here you're done neighbor isn't mad about Kim Kardashian OK not he's got huge -- -- the -- actually -- -- -- -- I'm in a statement to Al he says whether it's -- -- Kim -- -- whoever stupidity. It's certainly celebrated -- an idiot is a valuable commodity in this culture because you're rewarded. Significantly. Came responds -- working hard we'll have to respect what and other calling someone who runs earned businesses as part of a successful TV show produces writes designed to -- stupid. It's my opinion careless sure that I'm guess initially cast -- Our Twitter wars. Chaos -- some relationship newsroom quick here Dennis Quaid getting his third divorcing his wife are splitting up after seven years of marriage. The end of that and also Halley Berry yes the rumors are true she is -- actor Olivier Martinez famous that movie with -- forget the name but -- vote.

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{"id":15908206,"title":"'The Bachelor' Makes His Choice","duration":"2:45","description":"Ben Flajnik proposes to Courtney Robertson in the Swiss Alps.","url":"/WNN/video/bachelor-makes-choice-15908206","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}