'The Bachelor' Travels to South Korea

Juan and 13 potential brides party it up in Seoul, South Korea.
3:00 | 01/28/14

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Transcript for 'The Bachelor' Travels to South Korea
I felt welcome back -- and sentenced Tuesday we need an update on ABC's them. Bachelor once again we're joined by at work is now here -- -- little. My -- so yeah. I love that I don't know myself talent -- -- -- he's sticking to almost hurting himself. Mercifully we've come to the end of warn you weren't. -- -- -- we're gonna get here. Mr. Bledsoe always survive so for years the rose from me who put if you like it should go -- Let's get to this -- drama thing here. Thirteen women still got to go in last night they went to Seoul South Korea and so the first group -- it was it was or hero Juan Pablo world Portugal women. Doing their thing with a Korean K pop group. Now for those who don't know -- pop according to Juan Pablo is -- Korean pop. We get that K -- there are nothing hot (%expletive) hot it's a tough one. That being said they didn't get to this concert. They're the back -- dancers or girl Nikki. It is. Should -- been -- problem and it was she got the rose to one on one -- was what this woman shortly and everybody were called got the first impression rose didn't look like she knew what to do -- it. What she got another rose last night she had no warm up for Jews that's exactly what editor of like copious notes -- things are warming up somehow. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So there's there's something going on their god only knows -- a second group date. This is Juan Pablo and indeed there somewhere along the way want published said and I quote -- the is just perfect. So -- pretty well here is it went pretty well until his comments like rain. -- -- sure I don't know yet. The whole -- -- kissing and 100%. Had to hold it. They -- -- it was scuttled when -- anyway she got there she got the rose. And the -- -- the shirt counter let's bring up the shirt -- that shirt let us troops let's count it is a very important distinction it's going it's going to and I hate. Why don't ladies if stops at one that was a pretty good one yeah hey you know -- I'm not gonna complain about. -- you are you there in the shower he was doing -- thing very shortly again anyway that's the deal the claws came out a little bit as I said. In that -- in the run up to the segment here. Yet some caddie -- because -- that they didn't get a kids that's the deal I. Should -- to Vietnam analysts out. I have -- next time but. I am just aren't the numbers -- ran from Sunday night's Grammy Awards Michelle wants more than 28 million people saw that big -- An eight million the Grammy watchers were left wondering what in the heck is Daft Punk this French do you they never leave home without those. Very stylish helmet they won four grammys -- what do you -- Actually look like for the most recent shots we could find it was from twenty years ago here they are checked them out without headgear they recently told Rolling Stone we are not models it would not be enjoyable for humanity to CR features to -- -- -- they look. But hey -- -- at least we know they are not. Lots tied -- -- -- Alec Baldwin by the way sometimes seems like everybody's talking present paparazzi and the TSA analysts. -- the actor says he was flying from the Bahamas to New York -- his five month old daughter was selected for a search. Problems seem pretty upset idol they had him I'd imagine he tweeted this flying from -- -- New York TSA randomly selects my five month old daughter for pat down. -- to -- traveling in the US is a disgrace. Of the quotes on the words randomly selects we're guessing -- didn't think it was random at all you know sometimes you wonder he's just being cranky but five month old getting patted down and it is -- movie isn't. I don't know that I understand that.

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{"id":22260970,"title":"'The Bachelor' Travels to South Korea","duration":"3:00","description":"Juan and 13 potential brides party it up in Seoul, South Korea.","url":"/WNN/video/bachelor-travels-south-korea-22260970","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}