'The Bachelor' Update: The Dates Get Cold

Sledding, ice skating and winter fun as "The Bachelor" becomes a winter wonderland.
3:00 | 01/14/14

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Transcript for 'The Bachelor' Update: The Dates Get Cold
-- -- -- Skinny and since it's Tuesday morning we start with last night episode of the bachelor bachelor one -- continuing its quest to find the woman of his dreams joining us talk about this once again as our chief batchelor analysts Jack she union Jack come on anybody from. Good to be back. -- have -- I was taking copious notes. Here is anti war -- -- utility -- last night's episode of the bachelor there were eighteen. Women involved in this. Whole thing and some drama some drama first we start with -- with the less drama though the first day of the night last night. Woman named Claire it was a winter wonderland. Sledding. And skating. Gold -- -- somewhere along the -- -- actually said and I quote -- He smells like had been in a -- I'm talking about I want problem right there to say that usage you know Archos. Anyway -- was I could did rather well Sheehan Juan Pablo there were -- each other that's clear right there she accepted the rose told good. Time for the second day that's what we sought cat and doorman Juan Pablo in the planes that were flying to Salt Lake City. Excuse me. What I got involved in this thing called the electricity Enron which to me look like -- -- it was a five K run them look more like a big dance party. When they finally got -- everybody was glowing and stuff like that. Still they are there they're doing they're running they're doing they're -- you get the idea. Everybody like each other she accepted the roads it was all good. -- -- when you thought to yourself you know what. This can't possibly be old wine and roses whole nine yards then it was time for the group date. And that is win. Victoria happens. This just saying this was not good. This was Victoria she's talking about -- and -- and it down. Probably had a little too much. Winder. Something. She tried to put in on on Juan Pablo -- somebody else who saw that there were having a discussion -- beat a hasty retreat. To the bathroom that was horrible somewhere or -- -- -- the next -- want Paul -- -- and catches up with it she says it again I quote. I could have been more adult about it beaten I was the understatement of the -- video of the episode Victoria got ousted. -- the rose -- morning fifteen roses were handed out. Not only did Victoria go homework a woman named Amy and Sean tell they're all gone. For a girl -- who we talked about last week she's still is still in the thick of things. She's gonna win this thing guarantee yourself that we'll see what happens. -- good -- coach Mike -- break -- the bachelor article and a -- 49ers -- a -- you go to Jack -- -- many talents world news -- chief financial analyst Jack -- we'll see you next weekend. Okay says -- steamy stories right -- the -- don't mom is back in the news this morning at this time. The mother of fourteen could end up in jail at Nadia Solomon has been charged of welfare fraud accused of failing to report for -- thousand dollars she earned while collecting public assistance now since her October -- were born back in 2009. Silliman has picked. -- number of odd jobs including making a porn video posing topless and dancing in a strip club as a woman is dual doing court on Friday prosecutors -- -- After a judge set bail at 25000 dollars if convicted she could face nearly six years in prison Oprah. Like you've never seen -- before gal pal Gayle King shared a snap on Wednesday that of the 59 year old multi billionaire Kirk. A total at our home in -- and he got due to get a new deal last year and the caption quote stars did just like us over approve any old adage if you want something done right you just gotta do it yourself. -- -- time Tyson congratulations this morning for Pamela Anderson. She's a married woman once again. After the second I'm Anderson and film producer Rick -- and are husband and wife. At first the started in October 2007 but it ended just two months later -- Anderson says they're very happy together and that their families are very happy as well. It's her fourth marriage in addition to her first with Solomon Andersons also been married to Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee. And Kid Rock camp opened a second time seconds time my chest muscle so -- it -- wedding bells that will soon be ringing for Jessica Simpson's kid sister and she's about to marry into another famous -- singer Ashlee Simpson has tweeted an engagement announcement along with that we're very romantic photo here of her but their -- And -- to -- is I don't -- says son Brendan Simpson has. Remember four year old son with her ex husband former rocker Peter -- Diana -- son and -- in our little couple. Yet they look good actually and -- have been apparently friends for a decade so -- -- is one of those things were friends can turn into you. Leathers and romance at some point and its famous mom Diana Ross she apparently approves of their relationship. Have I had to say no she singer as well I gotta confess I'm not I'm not sure. She's -- I don't know that she's had anything. -- and a wild but I had to say there's going to be some musicals -- at least -- at family right if they have children just mentioned. In the south hills let's put that picture over with a toy that I yeah. Not that I think enough that won't take it out. What they -- I think once you get forgotten. -- what do you think -- -- -- -- how people just standing around ready to help with. A toilet and the other alternative material and I think that's great she felt. Down there are gone and they're trying to fix roads many time I think I have a 5050 success rate I think they usually break it half the time and the other half I Texas. I don't miss our updates on FaceBook W and and fans dot com.

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{"id":21523278,"title":"'The Bachelor' Update: The Dates Get Cold","duration":"3:00","description":"Sledding, ice skating and winter fun as \"The Bachelor\" becomes a winter wonderland.","url":"/WNN/video/bachelor-update-winter-wonderland-21523278","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}