'The Bachelor' Week 2 Recap

Nick Viall makes a surprise elimination after learning that one of his romantic interests might jeopardize his shot at finding true love.
4:04 | 01/10/17

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Transcript for 'The Bachelor' Week 2 Recap
Arguments little you know expect him getting that if it came. Free app a stunning live on last night's episode two of the bachelor it was huge one contestant Korean I heart her. She took her top off in the pool my. So much to the dismay of the other ladies. Another revealed her past with make and then someone gets slapped you so our senior bats are analysts Jack Sheehan he couldn't be here with us because he stayed home to watch Clemson went. But Jackson ability is as the senior catcher analysts are so that it will be decided to offer us his analysis. The recent Fuller watching that show let's see how we did. Okay we're talking about Nick's hopefully it'll last. Journey to find love. Episode to. Roll that beautiful bachelor footage its warning to women started the episode there was a group date. Bold. And there was drama. Currents off again. Twice yeah. That's not OK guys come on there was a one on one date emotions among the ladies were wrong this is stressful stuff. Trying to find love on TV. I think based sun comes as we the other night and I just ran out and if they have to clarity. How looking forward to be honest. And I just don't really change. Kids count kids count the kiss count stops that you nine. One thing's for sure more drama next week analysts out. One brewed this there. Yeah out watching. I'll bet at 4 AM Monday marketing and. Spider and drama. Get recorded it ten different kids count them out here a little bit of a red granite very nearly ran up to it is nick is there wouldn't it frisky even. Midnight well I'm telling you that that I don't know if he's in for love for something LI tech thank you right now what's ahead for next week. TV guide shares if there will be and awkward at one on one encounter. Yeah and one of the ladies will end up sleeping through the rose separate ceremony so poor world pulled that's done. The only time will tell how this. Batchelor paradise because you know there's another about contestants who celebrated the one air since she got her boob job. And that was part of the show like what are we watching I think in this case she just wanted to get close to her heart rose you can she did she did and as the next of the love letter up for auction that almost too hot to handle. Handwritten on lined notebook paper the letters now yellow with age and is set to have been written by two. Sykora back in 1995. For the content to so explicit we can't repeat most of that here on air that he doesn't make references to restrain us in the blindfolds. And fed post. And the bubble bats that has allowed some prison. Do you cut even signed up wet until the end of time. The battle. Please let it became the name of the seventh studio album and third posthumous album but who he was writing this whole thing you know. Still a mystery not a bunk mates received. The letter is expected to get as much as 25000. Dollars but who's been talking about did you see the penmen shell at the and just the immersive packs and hey speaking of notable album due to have announced that they will mount an International Stadium tour this year to celebrate the thirtieth anniversary. I'm Joshua Tree took man will perform their classic. Fifth album in its entirety on each state of the U2 days after street towards 2017 which is scheduled to pick up its North American leg. On May twelfth in Vancouver Canada hitting sixteen cities including Seattle Boston and Pittsburgh. Don't want to miss.

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{"duration":"4:04","description":"Nick Viall makes a surprise elimination after learning that one of his romantic interests might jeopardize his shot at finding true love.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"44671989","title":"'The Bachelor' Week 2 Recap","url":"/WNN/video/bachelor-week-recap-44671989"}