'Back to the Future' Fan Frenzy

Celebrating "Back to the Future" Day with the stars on the red carpet and their superfans line up around the block!
4:23 | 10/22/15

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Transcript for 'Back to the Future' Fan Frenzy
All day yesterday we celebrated back to the future date. And last night they ruled out the red carpet for the stars the beloved films for a special thirtieth anniversary screening hands of all ages lined up around the block to watch along with Marty docket no rain. An Arty it with shared experience a frenzy surrounding that classic blockbuster. Kind of a big mirror when it comes to this movie. And only this movie addresses Marty probably nobody hears you control your future and you're just be so you can grow because you're good. Write me. About fifteen years ago and I realized it would be a last minute. That's lasted now all these years is a tale of film still. Hopefully and using more than than this. Show. Realize that. That's an amazing privilege and Hannity and get any kids think again it's a mash up of all these different John. That just plays. Grew almost after. I found my father's high school your book we're losing records and other I discovered hidden in the president I was graduating class. And I wonder plow. I didn't like the president my graduate class divided on us we'll let you know we're confronted. And that's when lightning struck its really nineteen have been allowed here and they yeah and your name. And he's still analyzing the insanity gambling. It's an iconic film and words can't even begin to describe our crew Mazen and his authority again yeah. I've just visiting just a couple of hours. There's a secret that night he's gonna really come out with the issues. Are those are those the self lacing Nikes. One of the big hand yeah. Nine given. My kids may finally be right. I drive. They can't go. Black and the. We take this road ahead of really cares about. Decline then. I think it. Thousands uncle. Covered hover boards I mean we just drove here from Brooklyn. For the Kimmel show fits us. And hours and hours fifty minutes motherboard could have been hearing about. Colin homered toward. Right. He got the fish tail design. And how does that. I don't know I'm not gonna open it this has been at the guests about it I can I'm curious but I think some time. Probably his terrible now it's from back then probably definitely put yet perfect the Delorean. It's a legendary vehicle in my mind so that's a key player what if you could ask dot one question motivated how's it feel to know so much. Welcome any different time here what caused him to slip. And bumped his head but that's what because had he not put them all he never would come up with the what's the path. He's a genius ahead of his time really. The head of many times gold so we're on the field knocked the ball down and when a dark haired lady who put the Mets with an eventful. What do you say to hitters on the of the third movie. How could anyone hate that Christopher Lloyd doc round by boat will the cubs comeback from three nothing. Down plays absolutely it's gonna happen it's funny fifteen there's this story different that's happened since morning fifteen. After Rupert. Poll. Although some things right you know something's a door that was interesting though the cubs got so close. Town is this from an issue they get so everyone in college but it. The foreign correspondent with the new want to know what talk about when they got Gaddafi. Abilities are chasing him. That we find out in back to the future war capitalize on all of which they should do. Listen coming up saving for the future and you won't need a Delorean sports thing.

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{"duration":"4:23","description":"Celebrating \"Back to the Future\" Day with the stars on the red carpet and their superfans line up around the block!","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"34645197","title":"'Back to the Future' Fan Frenzy ","url":"/WNN/video/back-future-fan-frenzy-34645197"}