Back-to-School 2012: Laptop Guide

ABC News' Tina Trinh has a round-up of the best laptops for students this year.
3:00 | 09/03/12

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Transcript for Back-to-School 2012: Laptop Guide
-- -- -- so much more all back to school stuff and they used to forget about that. Pencils and a lunch boxes students these days. They need a lap tops ABC news tech contributor teenage friend is in this morning with a look at some. Inexpensive ideas as well as on the top of the line merchandise -- kind of a mix of things so. Good morning and again let me be here -- invisible people there's so many laptops on the market these days and walking did. This fire were ever knew what we know we're not even begin what should folks and students look for yet -- really overwhelming. When you go into the stories but the most important thing to take into consideration any time you're shopping for new laptop is. Think about what am I actually going to be using this laptop for OK OK because if you spent hours researching online and you end up buying that super fancy expensive computer. And you only and that using it for checking your emails surfing the Internet basic word processing which is what a lot of students using that -- our sport. He just listed on -- money because you don't really need to get. That super -- -- -- that's -- we have four examples here today that folks may need to pass of the best example of that is this Sony Vaio. Sony -- -- series eleven laptop. Hasn't hands -- time -- it in it turns out it's just totally great for. For you know. Being super portable and this is just a little over three pounds so totally -- you can take it to the library you can -- -- class. Super portable so. I really like this morning and the best part is the price says four and fifty dollars so -- -- the super good value moving -- -- got -- to send this than Dell computer Dell Inspiron thirteen seen. And I really like Dell as a choice for back to school. Because you get a lot of options when it comes to customizing at both inside and outside this particular white -- the latest dual core Intel. I five processor handles multitasking really well -- and -- this one -- really like at thirteen inch screen size because I feel like it kind of hit that sweet spot for screenings where. Thirteen inches it's not too big. Not to -- on its chest right miracles we want -- this we hear what's good about this -- this is if you want a slightly larger screen fourteen inches misses the Asus. You 478. It's a full fledged computer he capped payments all the ports that you -- Possibly. For -- computer and you yes. You get a -- -- and what's the price on this and go back to this and -- -- -- -- this one -- 800 dollars -- and this -- you can -- for normally it would -- 700 but. With the student discount he actually can get it for 686 or as -- as. 568 and don't read this to his house I can be very exactly particularly when this went right here is this yeah -- -- -- -- woman girlfriend I'd love it but it does cost. Yet for back to school this is the thirteen inch MacBook Air. And me right away when -- lifted so lies super light it's like barely three pounds a little under three pounds actually. Full size keyboard. The best one of the best resolutions for a screen that I've I've seen so far out at all it's good kind of knocks them out of water. The total cost you yeah. It wasn't what's the price tag on his normally 12100 dollars to get a little bit of -- student discount so you get it for 1150 your student but. Up until. September 21 if you -- -- of these you also get hundred dollars. Gift cards -- that and it very good -- thank -- -- this is very helpful on the mall shoppers out there are so happy back to school shopping for shore. Again the latest look at all these laptops here for another look at these products as well this check out our FaceBook page at W added fans dot com your watches. Still there.

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{"id":17141764,"title":"Back-to-School 2012: Laptop Guide","duration":"3:00","description":"ABC News' Tina Trinh has a round-up of the best laptops for students this year.","url":"/WNN/video/back-to-school-2012-laptop-guide-17141764","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}