Bad Singers Help Sales at a Missouri Mall

A new viral video features off-key singers hawking back-to-school clothes.
2:55 | 08/20/14

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Transcript for Bad Singers Help Sales at a Missouri Mall
And now it's time for the mix of course we've been talking about back to school all this time he's seen how the glossy commercials for -- back to school. What we've got one -- -- that's not so glossy take a look this one little -- years. Donkey until this is -- -- and businesses in pain. Milwaukee. Dreyfus fund Ramallah out of Saint Joseph, Missouri and -- on this one has gone viral and a huge way and you know what they're saying that might be working because it's so -- catches your attention. So bad grading senior angina in there and -- -- -- thank you telling me that those are looking into those issues. Our viewers are saying it was painful to watch so bad it's memorable that's crazy. Sorry but we're not out to the animal we do we have a real life toward us and tell you about today who. We think might just be the fastest quarters we've ever seen take a look here it is this guy. Racing after -- remote control truck in the case and there he has spent as a real -- smoke them both legs. Big -- action ever actually catches the truck but it's a pretty good fight there. I don't think Michelle the minute taunting them is overnight -- -- -- trial. And get -- coming -- who's ever drainage structures that -- My -- -- -- -- for us this morning irate taking us back to Michigan now for and adorable story. -- eighteen month old holly a yellow. Labrador. And she's a working dog she volunteers her time. At a local courthouse and she is a dog that helps witnesses particularly children when they take the witness stand this dog has been trained to sit next to. Those witnesses so they can. Deities and she again is a working -- -- -- but there's a donation page sent and there are very sweet I can imagine sitting in the witness box after dramatic incidents kind of testify about it. In the little coddle our little snuggle green again prosecutors say they -- -- for this program that's great. We'll finally close -- the morning in the mix here with not back toward childhood if you remember the days your pacifier you're raising kids. -- giving up that pacifier it is difficult for me. The parents of -- a seventeen month over Dallas. Who sent her pacifier. To the -- she tied it matters to some balloons and as an active moving on to give -- a proper -- -- And hopefully. Ease some tension in tears again anyway that -- -- ICQ -- That's right she might end up picking up for -- -- -- She's just let go of that right out of her mouth I don't know if you than -- actually happening she's gonna get home and go back pack that I guess you mom. But look at her she's she's in but right now he's given that -- last left I'm I'm gonna say I and I felt like the fifth.

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{"id":25048130,"title":"Bad Singers Help Sales at a Missouri Mall","duration":"2:55","description":"A new viral video features off-key singers hawking back-to-school clothes.","url":"/WNN/video/bad-singers-sales-missouri-mall-25048130","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}