Papers: Beer Saves Man's Life?

Fattening holiday drinks; Man lives on beer while stranded for three days.
2:55 | 12/05/11

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Transcript for Papers: Beer Saves Man's Life?
-- yeah its. World news now delivers your morning -- Well here we go -- Naples daily news has some advice from possibly not bid to woo your favorites man or woman in your life because a man down there. Was trying to prepare romantic dinner and -- immigrant -- times -- Tyson he decided that he was gonna stuff -- steaks and two candles down his pants. And make a dash for it. I get it I get a lot of even of the legendary Lovelace and stupid things right there and -- and apparently. Elements of the clerks jobs he chased him outside he drops everything from his pants well. This stuff that he stole from his pants and he's been turned and now blood thinning hair I'm I'm okay with this -- -- handled. Did you. That's for stakes for romantic dinner -- Iraq might -- anything that is good -- -- after it would have us. Hey love him well how about this I mean some people just love -- Starbucks right and so. We've got now the information about Starbucks is special Christmas strains the eggnog latte -- -- 600 intend counting money its -- no -- I'm getting no country. Government -- venting just happened to Gary wow and pumpkin spice latte event -- 470. Calories what I love is Starbucks says. We recognize our customers want to make informed decisions about calories and that's why we are completely transparent about our nutritional information. And I get it you know hey he's counting calories of -- You know I'm kidding me right on that I'm right -- -- -- January 1 bottoms up to of that January 2 maybe you couldn't. Yeah exactly. Everywhere even if you have to push back that -- The Anchorage Daily News -- -- -- argument talk about how to conserve your caller's. A -- was stranded for three days seventeen below -- outside of Nome Alaska he didn't have. -- -- beat prepare for lot of elements. So he's built himself a snow cave -- -- he survived in three days he finds three cans of frozen quarters. It -- in his group. From collagen and that was apparent right my techies out he has -- he's survived by essentially it's breaking out. She means frozen Coors Light and very resourceful I appreciate that now. I so that's -- my excuse next time I'm history. That the fact that. Last story out of me I'm Irish independent there's it's how long called at -- Ireland. They want their home FaceBook page they're very sad. She says I'm a proud African woman and I will always be it happened -- FaceBook apparently didn't allow her. Too up close this on FaceBook and have a page for -- -- -- land and because they thought it was obscene and offensive -- but it is not they -- never finished I don't sit there and then. They're not -- yeah that's right there in the at this time. -- minutes. --

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{"duration":"2:55","description":"Fattening holiday drinks; Man lives on beer while stranded for three days.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"15086508","title":"Papers: Beer Saves Man's Life?","url":"/WNN/video/beer-saves-life-of-stranded-man-15086508"}