Could Ben Affleck Still Win Best Director?

Ben Affleck could still win a Oscar for best director as a write-in candidate.
3:22 | 01/17/13

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Transcript for Could Ben Affleck Still Win Best Director?
This is always smiling at. That was loud. I. Am not involved in some of the next. OK so I'm if you see -- I think the unanimous. Conclusion that -- -- -- -- -- That's fantastic I have to -- I thought everyone is standing ovation at the end of at it already has one -- -- choice award and a Golden Globe but Ben Affleck is not. On the ballot. As to start a strange teaching which is the somewhat crazy and can become only the fourth number 85 years to win the award without a corresponding nomination in the best director category -- there -- two experts -- -- He might be able to get that write in -- twitches and pretty rare because the Academy Awards haven't allowed -- write in candidate since. 1930s. But there -- two experts Scott Feinberg and Stephen Galloway they're speculating -- But the F three films that have -- without corresponding nomination as for best director. Grand hotel. Wings and is Driving Miss Daisy brown how about that. Put him on the ballot Academy Awards are the upstairs or February 24 if -- 31 of those people -- -- -- -- -- about the Oscars now now I know I Enola. I don't really get and Tony Awards ceremony meaning I just be -- You must be the only chicken whole country I know who doesn't get the awards ceremony. This is -- Conrad -- mr. Drummond from different strokes but he passed away be captivating night. He died Monday night at -- -- according to TMZ details scant but his daughter. Confirm the news and said -- an amazing person a lot like mr. Drummond but. Much more interest in real life and an amazing bothering your -- 179 episodes -- different strokes which ran by the way from 1978. -- 1986. Do you feel now. I always tell us reinforces. Team -- -- the ailing 86. That was -- classic -- you talk about well. Lunged -- him I felt like back in the days when -- write -- -- had to shows that tackled social issues yes it's. I'm have passionate couple was so good and that wasn't yes -- was unbelievable. Kelly -- I don't think she ever has a bad day she's always perky yet and in terms of her demeanor and her face yet. And she admitted in a recent interview with Al magazine that she. Gets Botox isn't really shocked here my daddy everybody gets Botox Tuesday's. But she says that she -- about one Willis Willis Douglas you know I don't either but I'm not -- okay. Every seven and my and I meant it wraps up my eyelashes so I feel like it makes my makeup -- -- -- -- makes my eyes look a little more open and TV which is where happened to work. Right -- I haven't had Botox but listen and please welcome your eating apparently a million bucks I've got about you know five wrinkles here they won't spend our children's I think -- -- -- -- Stevie -- about it. -- -- were definitely. Cabs and areas. Right. When we get the huge contract. Some that don't talk about security showing off her baby bump I think we -- Rivera some -- Spanish club and its effect. A soccer ball and then -- back to doing something very nicely saves and the baby shower for fans everything they wanna give them money to UNICEF so you wanna help out at. Donate -- help children around the world -- -- CF back -- state. -- -- -- -- --

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{"id":18236182,"title":"Could Ben Affleck Still Win Best Director?","duration":"3:22","description":"Ben Affleck could still win a Oscar for best director as a write-in candidate. ","url":"/WNN/video/ben-affleck-win-best-director-18236182","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}