Benefits to Children Born to Older Women

A study has found that older mothers will have kids less accident prone.
3:00 | 08/23/12

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Transcript for Benefits to Children Born to Older Women
Our program makes -- up and this is -- I'm very interesting -- for any of you older moms out there you know and there's a lot of risks to having a child in -- an -- mother. With some new research from University College in London. Says if there's actually benefits to children that are born to women. Older women and women that start having children later like they researched women between. Mothers between the ages of thirteen and 57 and here's an important finding Sharon admitted thirteen PM about an effective. And nine month old had a nine point 5% risk of having had an accident if the mother was twenty just -- six point 1% risk -- the mother was forty -- despite. An older mother we're talking about forty and over some of the other benefits they say they're less likely to be admitted to the hospital for children of older mothers. They're more likely to have vital immunizations. They will experience faster language growth. Suffer fewer social and emotional difficulties before the age of five extending 70000 children -- -- -- -- women -- having. Children later -- there are some risks but that's good to hear president. I can't hear bad news about women -- -- lives is getting a little bit of good news out there about that also good news about this for those of you or a little more musically inclined. Music training during childhood he admitted. For as little as a year leads to better communication skills and later in life. Scientists at northwestern university in Chicago say. This makes kids better listeners later -- life -- are able to pick up conversations. In loud environments and they are -- did. At discerning social cues if you played music -- I can't for piano lessons specifically I played he had tried -- -- playground. After the lessons for -- our number one ridiculous little. There are -- -- -- since -- -- coming out okay I'll CNN is now the elephant everybody that was. That's not a member and I could I've done that never gets it I tried the drums that drive the Vienna and I and my dad and witty humor really well. I had no musical ability whatsoever -- -- do. Never who have. And that's -- Seattle never. What does -- think find out their kids very get I hate the NFL on pentium that she didn't. Maybe he didn't want to many us. Yeah. And you spray out there and let's knowing he grabbed some -- -- -- two days later their little rotten and perhaps there's a new -- out there that's going to prohibit the machinists and the good. Admirable yeah exactly what does it kill the bacteria slowed -- rate at which the fruit -- police -- -- -- -- -- by consumers in supermarkets in the shipment -- But -- -- this is great news -- how many bananas to have you. Turn away and wasted your lifetime a ton I've never drill holes. Vivid Arizona was turned black and little -- start flying around I -- -- way to understand bananas and bad thing to waste.

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{"id":17063196,"title":"Benefits to Children Born to Older Women","duration":"3:00","description":"A study has found that older mothers will have kids less accident prone.","url":"/WNN/video/benefits-children-born-older-women-17063196","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}