The Best of the Consumer Electronics Show

Giz Wiz Dick DeBartolo reviews his favorite gadgets from the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.
4:04 | 01/19/16

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Transcript for The Best of the Consumer Electronics Show
OK so let's call it Fashion Week for geeks the annual Consumer Electronics Show in this year's offerings shown offer earlier this month Las Vegas certainly did not disappoint geeks are non geeks shown that some of his favorites this morning and Monica Collins McKee but he is our. Gives whiz Dick DeBartolo. I have some funds to surrender except book earlier I thought well these five fame guard had a couple more oil will it be showing during yet so principle if you Wear magnifies these are from thin optics. And it's a way to always have a glass is with you on the tickle my regular girl ends so decent within optics looked like they come in three magnification. You could come on I can see flying yeah they're very rugged the company says if they break their replaced them and they just hat hang on you're not his day they just hang on. Like that any country was like this aha you want to run it can just pull them out Clinton and you know is. Deploying glasses all art art twenty bucks record breaker regulatory though you can't break and no worries while I can't. And I did it what did eight extremely senior moment there for an. Yeah our go to get a glare like Troy Oz you get him in and a universal pod for 25 dollars or are. You can get them built into a phone case for about forty dollars this is a galaxy S five so now I have a nice rugged case and I have. Might they not extradite any TV get Lex specific prescription for a veteran three different magnitude OK got out. This is really great this is called kangaroo. And so this is a wind those ten computer. With Wi-Fi Bluetooth fingerprint that think that if I doubt so. On the on the that comes a little dock with so the doc has US the end to him. A keyboard goes in one viewer keep doing that Mara mouse goes in another. And then HDMI out goes to. Any monitor you want so I hope this up to mine a forty inch. Four KTV. And then I had windows ten huge. In my living room while and I could do my emails. And this is 99 dollars to solicit price fits it's at the small slit computer you've seen it absolutely well absolutely and it has built in battery terrorists are things called PC sticks but this can actually operate on its own with a built in battery. Cool this is great this is cold result. And salters especially if you travel. And you have. You have the adapt this four year to charges Smartphone to tablet get your computer a big brick walls salt. The company says they compelling 90% of all laptops that comes with all these cables and tips. This falls out goes in the wall no. One of these charges your laptop and runs at one of these charges your Smartphone Burkle one of these can run you tablet. If the plug is facing the wrong way to hotel you can rotate the plug very cassettes of usually takes up a lot of space yes. Let's say you get all this stuff. In a small bag 99 bucks we get a move on okay eight PC so this is you plug in your router visit for smaller devices that during a blackout you want to stay pallid. Sports need about this is if you need pal on the run. Take that out so it in your backpack you can charge your phone OK and you tablets is in case of an emergency exactly keep it plugged in all the time grant our final guy is that little. Arabian. Effort that it I don't pick this up here it's called temp track. And kill the plastic off this goes on to the babies on okay this is Bluetooth enabled. Now anywhere in your house up to forty feet you can be reading the baby's temperature you don't have to they be. You can set it for like a hundred degrees wake me and your phone will ring to tell you the baby's temperature is over hunted to wow that's really fascinating meet next 25 books that work it funny for some good little toys are from CES. Thank you I appreciated that there are targets whereas victory was told thank you mean you. Go after world news now.

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{"duration":"4:04","description":"Giz Wiz Dick DeBartolo reviews his favorite gadgets from the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"36370873","title":"The Best of the Consumer Electronics Show","url":"/WNN/video/best-consumer-electronics-show-36370873"}