Be The Best-Dressed Baby on the Block

Check out the hottest fashions for babies.
4:05 | 05/07/14

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Transcript for Be The Best-Dressed Baby on the Block
The weather is finally getting warmer and that of course means that it's time to show off -- summer -- babies are no exception so here to show was. How little ones will be style in this here is the with the -- Feinberg chief. Design officer from a section fired dot com were so excited to have you for having me I especially because he brought such -- items and because I'm a mom I can't wait to get started there were -- -- really summer -- yes exact. All obviously for the summary you're going to need data to any state exits are so cute I government might be called mother -- I love the solid with the weight -- it's a retro men's swimwear look at the door on a baby. These sandals higher they've got their cult salt water sample that was available in mom's side. And there at their -- really great leather construction with really wonderful soul and rust proof -- well -- adorable wonderful for summer. If you really want -- style I mean really stuck your kids we've got real suspenders I haven't seen as ever for baby yeah. And there really is nothing more terrible lament I'm sticking his chubby little -- consumer and take stock and is it that we that the -- -- and and it's kind it's nothing short of amazing. And also that you compared that these with a classic -- sneakers and he's actually from him for seven dollars and don't look at American Apparel makes -- in different colors excessively because I've only been able to find tanks and -- so I'm really excited that they primaries that come in breaks there -- -- -- all of -- are talking accessed -- is the yes the -- -- and ties these are from -- Sunday parent Hyundai makes them really experts that we need mountain -- -- -- ties and there than it you can distress. Anything anything -- -- got a boat -- But now the government couldn't and it makes it differently -- little pricey for these commitments and -- -- for 25 to screen I'm gonna last you two to five years the same boat -- -- -- -- but you can also get -- from both Hudson for sixteen dollars -- also by diabetes Health Department eight dollars which is great especially if kids are growing -- thing. And then we have these adorable little yet these -- want to make -- a really -- jungle -- this is really just to kind of represented. The trend of the prints on the -- for the babies they're trying to put it really sophisticated patterns on baby's clothing and so these are from -- and it really green. He. -- that how much. And be adorable sneakers jeans and a friend converts and they've got some really great popped breaks -- this. She leases and linking him lining so this is all things that you have in your -- Georgia -- you went out and found wonderful items and ideas for us for the summer but in a special fire dot com which is where you work actually makes a couple of really adorable thing. You -- started with the actual moustache -- hair is not about this just for a second she is adorable thing yeah it's a mustache on a -- -- and it comes three different styles of these have been greatest success he's had to branch out of the -- Brian France. So what else are we having now what else can get -- and fashion buyer dot com website -- over there -- the bids they come to sets and get them in red and blue and yellow an also pink in her element. They have velcro closures that's really easy to put them on take them off their double -- -- -- and just hit us now there. And -- except. And we seem possible to Israelis and that's what's really easy and it looks like a lot of the things that are on here are machine irrational so quick and easy to pop that in a machine that can get it clean for your kids and then last but definitely not Lisa yeah adorable thing on -- table according to me. The sunglasses today we're just releasing me this week they're available on mustache -- -- dot com these are fifteen dollars retail. They are but they're 100% protected against steadying Bibi read if they are polarized they have ahead straps he can't take off their relief flexible frames -- -- The home and and even the -- a clear trend in the transparent on the prescription -- lenses and even those protecting and CD. Reasons I can unseen like the trend of the hipster maybe becoming a thing right now that we have all of these things especially these springs they're adorable and -- running -- like they got. Yeah. Thank you so much for joining us.

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{"id":23619099,"title":"Be The Best-Dressed Baby on the Block","duration":"4:05","description":"Check out the hottest fashions for babies.","url":"/WNN/video/best-dressed-baby-block-23619099","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}