Best Educational Toys 2012

"Toy Insider Mom" Laurie Schacht has a little fun and games that teach kids as well.
3:00 | 09/05/12

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Transcript for Best Educational Toys 2012
-- -- -- a child's play time while making sure they still learn can be tough almost impossible but the two are not mutually exclusive and toy insider mom. Laurie Shaq is here -- to show -- toys that tackle both. Always love it when you're here Laurie. No I -- Greenfield -- new -- educational right -- education you know -- kids are either Bakken schooler I know us they act. And there are great toys that teach their lots of fun cover all subjects that let's start when I was little -- This is that -- Spiderman cheered desk. We can't -- says it's a great place for kids to color. -- to study the festival it's that storage and who's not I don't want to learn with Spider-Man. I was singled home school bus and -- -- Cheney's friends now okay you know kids watch their siblings get on the school bus and I wanted to until. So he tells us. Now I don't know until estimate now is -- out of my house nobody -- We sat just remember this. Heels nonetheless yeah yeah yeah. Yeah there is enough but isn't there any I don't know if -- OK -- -- -- OK so this is our an encyclopedia Britannica talking US puzzle -- rested its -- -- -- you wanted to the idea. They disappeared without can't announce that we have Florida entered and then when you -- let's just -- Let us capitol Tallahassee -- what you here's the state. The nickname and then you get a capital -- so lots of great activities animal we want to talk about global. This is -- discovery kids' activity global world map so you can Hank son -- -- out. And it's all -- the credit basically now the kids are learning with different countries aren't that different bodies of water. And animals that are native to this different hair is perfect so that this. This hour let's get ready for kindergarten. It's a home -- -- and this -- with -- hand. Pat Buchanan all right so what that does is it actually brings heat his whole life. So if I hit this. It's much. -- You have to touch went and it tells you that that -- that -- -- down we have nothing new we have science we have. All kinds of things that we do our balance. -- Yeah. -- should have -- why didn't abiding in Iraq so math science and out of Reading obviously -- -- it's just so much time. Want to -- Now also from the front telling time. So this is great because it's a dry race activity -- to -- watching right about. Now see -- AM. C consultants and that -- kids are writing it's so easy to race because you just using the dry erase then okay -- -- -- -- Lot to me yet it's the most popular family -- game in Mexico I did not know that it's just like being out. So which starts with these cards the top not. And this -- who will pick different cards and -- out the rooster. And you're gonna pull it out on. Peace is down and if you get worn around you win in this is great city New England bilingual skills and a similar to really basic vocabulary skills cannot so English Spanish and just it's also a lot of fun. But it's been a fun fun really looking for an accident an amazing SSI. And sent this it's called -- -- -- and -- And it's the most disgusting experiments -- cadet since they can -- grow bacteria. They kidney blood we are going to make snap to new well I have written on it sat out Atlantic little -- much that's a case a mix that McCain and okay. And what and alert when you finish mixing you gonna feel like what you gonna feel it's and it's very very sticky. So -- shed no -- and it's not debt mucus is actually doing something ingenuity it's catching that -- in the dirt and finally this so she's just. And it's about kids learning to harness -- -- -- real -- energy eight. So we're exceeding the little they could get the coming here but -- to do it it's like it's really really -- -- always. Nice. -- -- cabinet studio and she is Larry sat there. To -- insider and I think so much for join us a little uneasy in the we really educate on the nepalese mountain if you want any information only if -- do -- -- to like -- but HW NN dot com.

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{"id":17157715,"title":"Best Educational Toys 2012","duration":"3:00","description":"\"Toy Insider Mom\" Laurie Schacht has a little fun and games that teach kids as well.","url":"/WNN/video/best-educational-toys-2012-17157715","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}