Best Gadgets for the Holidays

GizWiz expert, Dick DeBartolo, reveals the hottest gadgets of this holiday season.
4:06 | 12/08/15

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Transcript for Best Gadgets for the Holidays
We'll be so we've trying to keep it a secret but the holidays are here and of course it's time to start working through back gift list and for the gadget lover finding something that beatle actually already know something about well that of course can be tough and it's why we turned. To this man's Dick DeBartolo league is whiz from his was TV. Welcome thank you you don't normally. I don't Santa hat on yeah so today I have on my. How were cash. And I hate it might power cat I can see you now yes she hit it and you look grated relied so therefore LEDs two right wings forward. To softer ones down great for shoveling snow from. A hot car breaks down you can repair it. You feel it's pretty yes yes to get around. Through. Comes in six different colors under 25 dollars a warms oh yeah finalists it's pretty good deal yeah I can actually jog in this yes absolutely a cattle I'll give you want Hologic jargon or dead battery pack is heavy yet some extra weight. There you put it to Christmas lights okay Christmas is over. You don't take them down not with apple lights the course apple likes change colors. With the season so this is how you do it right now they're showing you that they're red and green so we're gonna dial up to. Independence Day will now that you showing you that he'll be red white and blue I liked that idea I hit send and well look at and now we're days a different celebrate exactly severe Bluetooth enabled Christmas lights and no one can ever give you. A lot of heat for keeping your rights up all year round exactly saying yeah but hey you never change your light. And there's also a another version that will. Do projection against your building but I'm running the one that's what can get the other have to go okay throughout life so Home Depot under sixty dollars but this is a great little. I convincing sidestepping. Self peace thoughts and just what you want just what you want. Hall little flash crash. Serious this is a sorely needed well I think. Eternal love. Target of a show that takes itself it has a little flash on it under twenty dollars flat over the weekend it was fifteen minute twister hit and they are sidestepping Santa Blix doesn't have a great program Nene electro home this is a great thing for the gadget lover it's a retro looking. AM FM clock radio. It looks like deal builds on old clocks but instead if you want to go up and get a snack just run you hand over it it lights up coated snack come back to bed. It goes off. And then in the morning at when he along sounds and so the lights going on doing this will set its neutral. Felt very cool 135 dollars or what's with this lab but she's here this little guy is soup. Removing in my room and I'm just gonna turn an envoy so what you do is. When you go where it's a night light and it has a clock and it still whatever the real movement is doing. This mirrors that it knows it Kate knows because of the clock and put if you want to do your own phases of the moon down convened dad what if there's an eclipse. I will do that. Very good simple blue and in my room. Is under forty dollars if you don't want the built in clock it's only about twenty dollars flu which are great ideas no matter what your age this sort of guide. You know that I that I think god I love that you use it apply and I analysts say the gains or heard it lets it. Shall we get religion just closer to that and a half of earth. Who do you thanks Dick African you'll find mover details about these products have gotten good at try to do is there is about biz and W and and fans dot com your watcher road he's now.

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{"duration":"4:06","description":"GizWiz expert, Dick DeBartolo, reveals the hottest gadgets of this holiday season. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"35639787","title":"Best Gadgets for the Holidays","url":"/WNN/video/best-gadgets-holidays-35639787"}