Best travel toys

Toy Insider's Marissa DiBartolo helps us take a look at the latest and greatest toys for on-the-go tots
5:04 | 03/09/17

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We are hitting the road with senior editor of toy insider Marisa at DeBartolo here to let us now. But we should pack up for the little ones on the next road trip Marisa good morning and this is always one of those problems with gas parents have because if you know we barely have the attention span for long right little on the kids so I can entertain you never wanna hear I'm all are getting married. Or hate. Cities are some great toys to keep kids entertained for a long time Serena sat with a really great place that from play mobile this is the 123 might take a long farm. So this comes with a lots of different farm animals and some mini figures loans and accessories but what I love about it is that. He can close this cancer there. And grabbed. Convenient isn't anywhere on the go is that at a lunch back yes it's so easy Dave you know transfer wherever you're going the cameras think. Hello pats are the perfect travel companion for kids. They double as a sweet little plush but then you just until this felt proud. And you have a nice soft travel pillow home and homeland yet so this is our milk she's doing special friend picked that that. Yes so so's after bump. Does that strawberry milk shake how it's actually sit and yeah like stubborn yes hasn't seen in males of rubble from pop to trawlers is one of kids' favorite TV series now that is dangerous accountable so easy it is the right back together. So mad farmers are can our out magnetic construction sets for kids so you're not to worry about tiny little pieces getting lost in the car because everything. Just click straight to get panic Legos that magnetic and yeah and the pieces are little chunk here for younger kids this is our twenty TP shimmer and shine sat so again featuring some kids theater character execute it can't yet match that you can build anything that they can imagine that this there's even a design got inside to help them out critical. Time OK so kids love to color their parents don't so much like the maps yet no one wants Russia understand the leather new leather pay back this is trail as color wonder on the gout means everything stories neatly inside this little container here to what I love is that these magic markers. Look clears you can drive your skin had a car and I'll never show up until you drop on the special paper and solid Q. Do little coloring he hair. How close fat food stands at this think on the scene here holding a pink mark very clear that looks clear but it shows up Pincus engine Johnny let's honor this deeper gas that comes at fifteen sheets and three markers that kids can color as much to. Very cool he's been. Fashion plates -- up but he. As a kid yeah I think this Aniston is a crowd in here yes and that's your little rough and ready choose a higher place customize your outfit and then given a good wrap up and down. And you'll get a little custom creation that you may. Their travel sad little bit smaller than a regular designs that comes with four mark Paris nice job Jurich. Yeah ready for her next vacation I'm an artist and I think that that Beth how autograph that. Do and then you can kind of stepping color that then everything stores right inside the slow container so it's now I'll snaps together to breezy. And I commissioner sophisticated sounding a fan and yes she's ready for your next vacation. So these are teenage mutant ninja turtles micro mutants place that's of these there. Very tiny place that's a very tiny pieces with lots and lots of play that I am as a line of how to pocket age yet I had exactly so that I. So comes a little. Team and he figures here that's even a blast their suit gonna wanna pull that back. Does pull back and like out to breeding let go yet. They got wrapped up shooter format so didn't quite make it severe so much fun for kids and as you can see we've got. We've got Leo I'll close up there so everything folds were inside looking particularly if you. That's so fun actor yes. And then I heard you have one more time yet using similar to me because it's good it. It's can actually entertain me for hours and I hang on everyone knows the verdicts you re yes this is the verdicts try and that says a little bit different. You actually have to snap off these little he says and then concept is a need to get each side to have the same color. But it's a little to keep me up but I usually am IIPO I have this one in shambles here that I cannot make no idea how to do it. This yes that this is really funds kind of a new spin on the verdicts Q but still some and it's gonna keep. Kids adults anybody in the car busy really want half thanks for I can't do not community the rest of the show many too busy trying to that this evidence against. So their strategy. You know I I think their minds to it. Now we could figure out what that shatters this entertainment delta can't get like I said no age limit on this rates kids ages eight and up and up and open up. There. And Britney and some other travel to ideas don't forget to visit harris' website toy insider dot Marisa DeBartolo it's always great having. It's not like how to Palin of the three Nancy says now I've not been given to. But thank you so much for joining us everyone and then stick with that's got more coming up on world news them. There around.

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{"duration":"5:04","description":"Toy Insider's Marissa DiBartolo helps us take a look at the latest and greatest toys for on-the-go tots","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"46016408","title":"Best travel toys","url":"/WNN/video/best-travel-toys-46016408"}