Beware of the Lego Man

What is the mystery behind the eight foot Lego man on the beach?
2:25 | 10/26/11

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Transcript for Beware of the Lego Man
You want news of the weird -- got a three year old girl yes but got a story tonight are this morning rather that'll make you realize what a Wiener -- our world can be. This takes place in siesta key beach on. Florida's Gulf Coast they had a visitor there who beach goers just couldn't miss especially because He was eight feet tall and weighed up hundred pounds. These are girls -- of WW. SB reports. -- -- was the first to spot Lego man as He strolled the beach -- siesta key village I thought it was marine life cannot the manatee or something like that. Because it was still you know pitch black the sun wasn't up yet. And then of course when I got up through it I realize you know. Some big. -- looking thing so I just kind of. Drug -- up out of the -- so wouldn't float away when He stood like a man up He discovered He was eight feet tall and weighed about a hundred pounds. He has the words no real they -- on the front and riding on the back. -- an ego and the -- the name Leonard and I number eight a crowd quickly gathered. I see this giant Lego man standing here -- lots of people around and I assume this person. Founded. -- it was just. Just you know stuff happening. So it was live -- And -- came -- to go for a walk in who sought and the sign on the little robot or whatever -- regulate old man was no real -- -- -- Dodgers probably fell down from muffled voice -- had -- cartoon -- I -- think it was from the UFO people I really didn't. Another theory may people who did a year after -- made out of fiberglass. Just like a boat. Similar Lego men have appeared on beaches before once in Holland in 2007. And again and a beach in England in 2008. They're thought to be the work of artist ego lingered in the Netherlands but how Lego men got to these countries. And why is still a mystery here in Sarasota County the investigation continues he's arrived on the beach -- the big guy -- -- a truck. And carried him away. Don't. -- on the beaches have fun yeah it's the people enjoy -- well aware -- -- -- ten telling Ellen oh man is in protective custody. Police at an undisclosed undisclosed location in the owner had ninety days to pick him up undisclosed location. In this area who have had their way god like men are -- -- event we'd.

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{"duration":"2:25","description":"What is the mystery behind the eight foot Lego man on the beach?","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"14815294","title":"Beware of the Lego Man","url":"/WNN/video/beware-lego-man-14815294"}