Beyonce Picks Up Big Album Sales, Controversy

One of the songs on Beyonce's number-one album is drawing criticism from NASA.
3:00 | 12/30/13

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Transcript for Beyonce Picks Up Big Album Sales, Controversy
-- hours starting this skinny win mega star beyond. Check this out beyoncé is on course for the third a week at number one on the billboard 200 -- -- -- -- 200 chart. It is incredible the amount of success that she has had considering she released her album on iTunes take -- listen -- one of the -- -- -- -- -- -- controversy because some of her videos that she released with these songs. Work highly specialized in a lot of people so that's a bad example for the girls out there that look out to look up to her. But at the same time she's Leon back. Do anything she wants. But there you have -- -- -- think she might not be able to get away with ballot in this next controversy that's apparently hitting -- Whatever songs called -- the only features some video. On the transmission between -- -- the day that the challenger blew up. So -- -- has come -- to say that this is not acceptable particulates into the song this is excel. The EU. -- controllers -- looking very carefully the situation. Yeah. They had -- one of the communications from that day and then it moves into her song. Obviously NASA is saying that their troubled by this they don't like the fact that she uses communication without their permission. And it's such a new story that the -- is still hasn't even come out give her side of what happens. Obviously she stole our top stories using this communication without NASA's mission and they are none too happy about it. And she has -- in the past that other people wrote the song but stolen Jesus Jesus toughness but it is her -- on average manga itself. -- -- -- Now celebrities a lot of them are really terrible guy now do something dot org has created a list with 820 celebs gone good so let's take a look -- tops number one again. Yes this is a second year in the world. We also have been number two yeah. That's it ends up being. One direction. And that's what direction is relatively new only because I don't know how would see that concert on GM -- All -- away hidden deep narrow it down. Beyoncé ends up making this list to she's there as number three. Paul Walker as the fourth most charitable and Merrill Michael -- inviting Lewis as the fifth most charitable. Lets us oh loss on let stand. -- to Patrick's -- season window police said Niemi has read married. There you have it rather she's engaged to to be married this is forty years after losing her husband to cancer. She was married Patrick Swayze for 34 years and now she is. He engaged to convert -- -- who is a jeweler. He apparently propose some Christmas Eve according to a rep has confirmed that this is the case and she obviously has found happiness once again. Sound -- having it as Robin Roberts always tells us on the very -- good for her absolutely wonderful news happen.

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{"id":21366703,"title":"Beyonce Picks Up Big Album Sales, Controversy","duration":"3:00","description":"One of the songs on Beyonce's number-one album is drawing criticism from NASA.","url":"/WNN/video/beyonce-picks-big-album-sales-controversy-21366703","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}