Beyonce Responds to NASA

Beyonce releases a statement in regards to her recent controversy over "XO."
3:00 | 12/31/13

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Transcript for Beyonce Responds to NASA
All right welcome to this getting so we're talking about Phil Robertson one more time just when you -- train -- couldn't get -- Singing about it though he's surfaced once again -- -- dynasty he was suspended by Amy for some grossly homophobic and racist comments that he made to a cheeky reporter. That and so now that he's been reinstated and Haney was hoping that that be our -- -- he had blown over. There are some lockers that have surfaced to have found in 2009. YouTube video where he has yet again offended at home -- population of the country take a lesson. -- Do you write to think -- be twenty years old only picking a -- take place did you talk. Hey girls and about fifteen to sixteen of the -- yeah. You need to check mom and dad about that -- horse. Very important disclaimer -- you have to check with mom and dad before you get married to a fifteen or sixteen year old Mexican border that he had that been there and by the way he says -- -- and is not a sexual innuendo. He's actually talking about picking the feathers -- of dead ducks which is a miserable task usually left to the women in the world of duck. Killing picking Diana saying yeah hard to tell if he's being serious every clearly that's not funny -- also point out that day and he is co owned by ABC's right. -- you -- -- in other news so we wanted to beyoncé what would get an overnight you show be without a little bit of beyoncé she's responding. To some criticism of or over -- piece of -- in -- -- in her recent music video let's take a look at that -- -- you're looking very carefully situation. And he -- recognize that that was from the challenger disaster and she decided to put that into music video. There's a lot of criticism from NASA astronauts were angry about it. Check it out a statement today take a look at what she said she says my heart goes into the families of those lost in the challenger disaster. The song -- so was recorded with the -- intention to help those. -- to help heal those who have lost loved ones and remind us of unexpected things do happen. Some love and appreciate every moment that you have with those who mean the most -- not sure yet if that apology is gonna go over well with seven astronauts families but. She is taking a step in the right direction. At the cat leash is coming to say something much as well as NASA and a lot of people that were upset about that just why he signed her to hear hear her say something they also want -- remote. Interesting to see what happens -- Here's and it's interesting -- -- Prince William apparently taking up school once more his returning to school for in 2014 in the beginning in January early January. He'll be undertaking a ten week program in -- get this agricultural management this is at the University of Cambridge according to Kensington Palace announced that today. So this is -- -- for the a very new royal family. Prince George and Kate Middleton are going to be without prince William and until mid march. Because this is an all inclusive very intensive agricultural program so he will be at school not with his family for that. What do you do -- -- his professor. And let me tell you -- you -- go on the Phil yeah. She's though he is officially graduated aren't.

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{"id":21377146,"title":"Beyonce Responds to NASA","duration":"3:00","description":"Beyonce releases a statement in regards to her recent controversy over \"XO.\" ","url":"/WNN/video/beyonce-responds-nasa-21377146","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}