Bieber Laying Low

At home with his family in Canada, Justin Bieber is taking a break from his run-ins with the law.
3:00 | 01/31/14

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Transcript for Bieber Laying Low
Skinny I'm starting yet again with Demi it was just good neighbors keep a low profile since surrendering to police in Toronto earlier this week. And it looks like he's resting up from all his legal troubles. Wear you out right in his dad posted this photo of this famous son. Sound asleep at his home in Canada with his four year old brother Jackson that aside caption reads -- sound hash tag home sweet home. Meanwhile -- is getting a little advice from his friend and fellow wild child Miley Cyrus chatting about it last night with Jay Leno. A lot of money pay people to make sure you don't get in trouble yeah party guys. I. You can house and don't drive it's always good -- I think and someone else who -- no stranger to trouble jumping beavers defense Toronto mayor rob Ford. A boy into the seniors -- saying quote. He's nineteen years old guys think back when you nineteen can imagine what -- -- Missouri when humans what I NG multibillionaire nineteen -- moving on to the growing excitement among fans of the classic sitcom signed felt it's growing because Jerry Seinfeld himself has confirmed that. Some sort of project some sort of project this happen. -- all of them the buzz about it all got started of course but this picture Steinfeld and Jason Alexander or -- -- -- outside the Manhattan diner that was so essential to the show. On the radio yesterday -- faced some. No woman interrogation. Or others to go summing -- characters involved yes there are. Was it was Jason playing Georgia was he being Jason in this film peace -- George Little Aurora. Rule. -- some other nuggets about what's going on Seinfeld said whatever is it will be on TV very very soon but I also said it was most certainly not a Super Bowl commercial. Who knows if it's true -- I don't -- I don't says the project is longer than sixty seconds and it was -- -- other locations not just a copy shop he also called -- 81 and done type of deals currency. Children in the eighties listen up first Broadway put out a favorite hair bands with rock of ages now. Our favorite movie is coming to the theater cab back to the future will soon be a musical the show opens in London next year -- case you are too young to remember that Michael J. Fox -- -- it's about eighteen traveled back in time from 1985. To 1965. And get caught up and his parents teenage drama fast forward. From 198530. Years and that's 2015. More. Thirty year anniversary in the movie is -- -- fly once said. -- -- high grade boys one of the most awesome really cheesy movies in recent memory now -- made out. Get this sequel yeah most in the title shortening into the second one that is. No official title begin filming in February like the -- shark named him to we'll. Right now what you once again. You'll start Tara Reid and means hearing in the senate freak weather system unleashed a -- -- -- I'm New York City. Scheduled to premiere July so watch out NYCE. Hello this.

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{"id":22309580,"title":"Bieber Laying Low","duration":"3:00","description":"At home with his family in Canada, Justin Bieber is taking a break from his run-ins with the law.","url":"/WNN/video/bieber-laying-low-22309580","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}