Bill Cosby Heading Back to TV

NBC inks Bill Cosby to come back to create a new sitcom.
3:00 | 01/23/14

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Transcript for Bill Cosby Heading Back to TV
-- And we begin its top -- the -- -- -- show coming back to trying to that bill -- reportedly signed a deal with NBC's -- -- -- send comments bother him a multi generational family. Produced by constitutional veteran Tom Warner the NBC is hoping that -- follow in the mold of the old Cosby show which dominated ratings back from. 24 1992. -- had a 76 Joseph Connolly said the new show will be based on. He's unique perspective on marriage and parenting building comedy warmth and love with -- -- going into what he calls a party attitude. We'll stay tuned for that -- Cosby show that -- and that -- doesn't usually get from Fat Albert ask them good stuff. All right John -- hell is up for an Oscar for the wall to Wall Street but he's clearly nothing like greedy character that he played. That's because hill was only paid a mere 60000. Dollars for his role of minimum wage really by Hollywood standards but the thirty year old -- says. He would have taken any -- just to worked with legendary director Martin Scorsese -- was so excited when he got the job that he. Asked to sign the contract that very night. Before -- and they had a chance to change my mind. Come -- that Leonardo DiCaprio listen that's. He reportedly got ten million dollars for the movie. But hill says he has no regrets. He says he do it again he listened he probably -- probably saw Oscars when he when he read that script about -- when I can Wear Oscar -- -- -- obvious you -- -- -- And if he wins the Oscar believe me he'll make every penny -- that times ten that is such a huge contract 101060000. And you know -- give the guy you know -- after all but maybe many -- all right -- -- regular little fact -- -- he -- -- agents you know I'm -- -- -- -- -- -- 6%. That man of the nerves of steel on AMC's hit series the Walking Dead it get breaking -- life imitating -- folks at one of the show's promotional stops in Tokyo seventeen year old prankster -- Stanton. -- -- -- The huge walking -- -- is born with only one arm and no -- believe it or not always invited by the show's producers the play of frank. On one of the show's stars Norman -- take -- -- -- okay. Can the US as a -- Nicholas. Leaps out of hiding and yet managed -- -- even tough as nails Norman but I tell he didn't. Freak out the -- not even close to how I would have I have -- it is yeah. I'm running -- be running to about them right now and doing a quick change. The look and -- great -- -- -- What yeah it's. -- -- OK so seven days husband likes singing duo cannot continue -- -- he's -- up after nearly forty years of marriage so wrong. The song back in 1975. Captain. You're blind sided by -- Had no idea why and why would file. -- hello it's. Show me -- together my goodness the NATO -- they really -- never saw him every -- He daddy -- that I mean there are found a lot of -- -- actually technically kept its -- here at night 1910 fight I remembered. Out sick from school that day and I was alone in my listen my transistor radio ninety -- political altogether. Came on the first time and now. I remember thinking he's a great song and I heard it like ten times in the course of two hours on hit radio and it's the only song right. -- -- -- Probably gathered at a breaking out.

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{"id":21633715,"title":"Bill Cosby Heading Back to TV","duration":"3:00","description":"NBC inks Bill Cosby to come back to create a new sitcom.","url":"/WNN/video/bill-cosby-heading-back-tv-21633715","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}