Bill Pushes for Roadkill Meals in Montana

Lawmaker approves bill making it legal to eat animals that have been killed in accidents.
2:51 | 04/08/13

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Transcript for Bill Pushes for Roadkill Meals in Montana
-- the mall -- and then. At any time now and that makes it -- I. We got on the menu I'm afraid that's Olympic -- kid. Not so listen -- that in Montana. And lawmakers have now approved a bill to make it legal team to eat roadkill. Did you accidentally killed yes yeah out there like -- after the costs -- they're singing about of that -- Somewhere -- say yes. Ready to go with this I'm dying to know what does it say -- what the kind of road -- would talk him out of my dear we -- -- -- Another ten about possible means and -- nasty things greatest says it allows people to -- more than ten types of animals including black parents. Okay okay Montana G icon mountain lions -- -- -- any mountain lions. We'll guys are let's forget act. It's better than let me go to -- -- The -- about extreme kidnapping this is -- in Detroit business. Wants to sell consensual abduction. You got a couple hundred bucks to burn and a masochistic streak its may be time to check out this the drug business that promises -- give you this real. Abduction. I have read he apparently you don't feel like you being kidnapped in your life in danger -- we're not doing our jobs as the founder. For 15100 bucks GQ writer had this experience he was handcuffed duct tape -- -- is after the stun -- As a high paying customers get a video of willingly being held against him -- Clearly it's a fetish I don't have to -- this for real -- if you if it's something that's what if anybody can you. Opportunities are -- out there. Helping figure so this next story can even explain it just got to see at. Do -- this is this new -- going on in China this is we well let's just really got greedy and John -- ho -- an op Ed tiny high heels. This is again I've -- It's going viral in China and Moroccan these open we'll have to fight for than just sort of permanent people -- -- music and Joseph. Sexy yeah paid out a second and their canines can be. Kinda wrong on some kind of -- pay by you know what. Pillow -- hundreds gathering from. Global pillow fights apparently international pillow fight day 2013. Is on Saturday. And people showed up what and I guess in the more than 140 cities worldwide including New York like Joseph -- -- DC Cambridge Massachusetts. Fluffy pillows -- there were -- We -- Next. All right. -- that is highly master -- -- loses. Tonight.

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{"id":18908125,"title":"Bill Pushes for Roadkill Meals in Montana","duration":"2:51","description":"Lawmaker approves bill making it legal to eat animals that have been killed in accidents.","url":"/WNN/video/bill-pushes-for-roadkill-meals-in-montana-18908125","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}