Billboard Music Awards' Top Moments

Taylor Swift stole the show with wins while Prince wowed at the microphone.
3:39 | 05/20/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Billboard Music Awards' Top Moments
But in this city everyone really quickly we're gonna give you the highlights and the low lights of the billboard awards in case you missed on here we go Taylor Swift was. Really the best performer of the night she took away seven awards altogether including top artists but on top of top artists. She got billboard 200 artist digital songs -- -- country artist country album countries on. -- we will never we are never getting back together -- -- just stole the show. It was a night of performances. Talking about the other winners we have for top -- we had one direction. For top touring artists -- -- -- Madonna and -- top R&B artist we had a Rihanna. And but I think you know -- Taylor says so that showed the person that really did do a show and you can ask any of our viewers because they allegory it was prince. Wow while he counts himself a take a look at. -- -- -- I mean what it was OK let's go crazy -- -- Including some -- psychedelic. Pretty pretty incredible -- Take a look at a couple of seconds. They didn't break down below what you can't -- the -- -- his performance as telling himself from the eighties he also channeled. -- -- -- -- is just a great great performance aren't moving -- to the low light of that I taught a lot of people are gonna think like what was this all of us. Think human eyes only as a human can and will getting smaller plane a lap dance to -- song called high school. Pretty typical continents that he can. And probably one of the branches out from behind but anyway yeah thank -- -- -- she looks great interview that I got so let's. -- -- -- -- -- set -- live so funny he's signing off after eight years. Even if it and the -- writers to draft to about -- whacked out forty. Featuring its characters step on had a strange wedding with -- and -- and even. Ask Seth -- fighting with Anderson Cooper for -- -- love listening. -- cut his club is. Located on that fake street from -- found. -- -- -- finally answers a question. You already have played a few. Not -- is funny produces character will end with the sudden a light night live career and attending to some people wanted to make the -- movie. -- says that once people see the post -- -- like. I don't think I really want to try to you know what I'm pretty you'd see it. I would say there are a lot of characters on us now that they had they had gone on to make movies that I've been erratic bottomed out including that Gruber. This and I would I -- need to know what that means if god. Don't waste your time. Really quickly -- because you have to see this because my eyes are still burning from watching -- not remember our guest says she and -- -- oranges that are she released -- video you call your kids. Because she's so he's got -- -- and I anyway this I watch this I think that -- has department. -- -- -- the entire thing in her bikini -- up on this guy with but with the highlights. I GG had a guy yeah sit well there you -- we have fifteen seconds or does you can result. Fifteen seconds just -- changing our. -- -- ten month doesn't know what they're running she's just being carried him Kennedy getting -- -- -- apartment yeah.

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{"id":19215674,"title":"Billboard Music Awards' Top Moments","duration":"3:39","description":"Taylor Swift stole the show with wins while Prince wowed at the microphone.","url":"/WNN/video/billboard-music-awards-2013-top-moments-19215674","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}