Billboard Music Awards 2013: Winners and Performances

Music and Media Consultant Bruno del Granado recaps the top moments from this year's awards.
3:28 | 05/20/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Billboard Music Awards 2013: Winners and Performances
Music's biggest stars -- in Las Vegas celebrating the billboard music awards at the ceremony just a few hours ago it was all about the performances. Sam was music and media consultant Bruno del Coronado joining us now highlights good morning Bruno what did you take away from this year's -- It's that. The seventies and Disco are back in full swing no more send news opening performance and -- paid homage to the soul acts of the seventies. -- -- killer song called treasure. Chris Brown. A badly Chris Brown channeling the -- popular. Song called Regina -- being basically channeled a smooth criminal. And it won't Christina Aguilera. A -- will feel this moments -- times they've done me. And at the end of the guest performance including. In an appearance by the original lead -- that -- so very much on the eighties to tonight. -- the high -- did you notice that he can still get up there. Yes did he -- yeah. Tank on me and doing all the hands gray hair and -- Everybody is talking about this one performance the performance -- and even our viewers we asked on face -- their favorite performance and that was when everybody's talking about he was one of the many performers I got a special -- Yes for -- CE icon award which is certainly an understatement for prince you know one of the most accomplished singer songwriter and above all time. He had. The task of forming at the end of the show. Quick ten minutes solid ten minutes he was channeling himself in the eighties. And -- Jimmy Hendrix is going to visit Heros. And killer version of let's go crazy and overall it was a performance of the night hands down. -- -- -- -- -- You really even in his old age can -- say. He left -- -- up nearly I'll talk about the night's biggest winner in your opinion burn off. Well the biggest winner and Liz Taylor Swift as usual was nominated for eleven awards and one -- out of those eleven. It was sir Peter Knight again. But then again every time Jim Taylor Swift is nominated for something Joey walks -- -- -- And anything can -- and -- in this very successful record he has. That sold over four million copies today so she's definitely biggest winner of the night by far -- because of awards. -- -- -- is it any surprise and you're saying she walks away with a handful every time but a lot of people were nominated from a lot of awards including Justin Bieber. He wasn't and they when are you surprised it was -- -- locker -- so many. I wouldn't surprise -- it was slipped one -- -- lady is she going to issue he had eleven so chances are she's gonna want at least 50% -- damaged Justin -- guys. He except in the milestone award any. -- had a little -- and they are talking about all the haters and everything else and a it was not. Well received with the audience. Wrong place for an interesting one I was insurance and ask if admits it was poignant or it was sort of awkwardness he can -- awkward. It certainly came across as awkward and I think the audience also won't let him know -- considered a lot of boos and -- they are well. Our brand -- always with lots of insight thank you for joining us this morning from Miami. I asked them thanks grown -- watching world news now from.

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{"id":19214911,"title":"Billboard Music Awards 2013: Winners and Performances","duration":"3:28","description":"Music and Media Consultant Bruno del Granado recaps the top moments from this year's awards.","url":"/WNN/video/billboard-music-awards-2013-winners-performances-19214911","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}