Bird Steals A GoPro

A seagull flies away with a tourist's GoPro camera but captures some amazing shots.
2:55 | 07/17/15

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Transcript for Bird Steals A GoPro
Every although legal obligation to keep their eye on your belongings you get your phone gets cameras ago this expensive stuff case in point. Off the coast of Spain got put down his go broke camera and sure enough a thief makes off with that. The defeat happens habeas Siegel oh but look at this single pixel but this go pro camera. As actually captures. Great Chicago took the couple's flowers got this beautiful it's beautiful now as we see how Paula didn't go that's for they were able to retrieve the camera. That's why we've had been shot through the gondola were put. Out of the camera takes my ferry tilted some good shots total exports. You know it's also that comes your teeth read the. The kids are learning how to swim right summer the whole. Only a little boy's neck I believe is his name is Ed tickle gallon pump himself up. That's how about himself but little boy shot. Beat you different he he eventually does jump that beautiful. We have that one didn't 380. On May have been farm yeah. When all the stories. Well. Hopefully I'll stop. I know why don't like yours. So glad you. Great night. Media pound every. Are dying down. Yeah. Mistake here. BitTorrents painted donkeys and some charges were brought. Yeah I. Like the thing that sixty check. No one. Like. Yeah. Here's Martin comes to go here's is that you can know when news. I do think we can thank you thank my head. Now all. Gray.

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{"duration":"2:55","description":"A seagull flies away with a tourist's GoPro camera but captures some amazing shots.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"32512109","title":"Bird Steals A GoPro","url":"/WNN/video/bird-steals-gopro-32512109"}