Black Friday: Tech Deals and Tips

ABC News technology editor Joanna Stern shares the best Black Friday tech deals and tips.
3:17 | 11/23/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Black Friday: Tech Deals and Tips
ABC news tech editor Joanna -- is here to help you guys I'll do any good morning always good to have you here it is not -- -- Admit that needs to do was. -- -- -- it is a Black Friday here so you know you're looking -- of the landscape folks are lining up the -- are about to -- converge on malls and stores around the country. What are the best Black Friday deals out there. Today there are some crazy door busters which is why those people are waiting in -- right now they're gonna get some crazy savings but only a couple of them -- and one of the best ones are seeing is that Toshiba fifty inch 1080 PTV. For 300 dollars it's crazy huge TV -- into bucks isn't an easy originally 900 so that's 600 dollars -- -- -- That's what people are lining up that's one of the biggest ticket items at -- that's an example of something that's going on -- -- At best right got tons of different products got Xbox-360. With a can act only 199. To 99. So lots of big ticket items coming down seriously in price. Just for tonight and and all -- -- more than -- may -- dumb question but I assume stores and did so steep markdowns because the volume will sell will make up for the discounts. Then -- it definitely in but also because there's limited stock of these items so. Not everyone's gonna have it you -- hundreds about those that she says there's going to be a couple of those of people person -- you're gonna get them. So that's -- unfortunate thing about Black Friday right when my favorite. Tips this season is using this I caught the side dot com dishonest at that exact outcome yes network C typing and that the product you're looking for actually give you the list of where all the prices aquarius habitat Amazon -- -- Wal-Mart. All the different prices and -- actually say you know this is a really good price right now so give -- a thumbs up. Probably not gonna drop in price by now but you might get -- stop hands which says stop. Don't buy this right now this might drop -- price that's one night that's when it might be it tips -- to decide dot com check that -- -- that out to -- strategy for the day which -- school what are the hottest tech gadgets in order to listen to -- their hands on the -- one of the top items this -- going to be the iPad the iPad -- I've got it right here right haven't kind of taken -- -- -- sent. Which is why -- a lot of people are going to be getting this -- -- at 329. Probably not and a drop in prices holiday season -- new less than an apple does need the money so that's that he had. But that's the that's generally -- tenacity when the big ticket items this year and I -- you -- Yeah I think acting iPad two tablets are gonna sell really well what are the other things I think it's -- be really big it's not necessarily TV is the TV add on isn't so this is the roku box and -- -- this little thing really little but very powerful. This thing actually. A good Black Friday deal right here forty dollars it's sixty dollars. And I bet you they have a lot of these -- stock I don't think I don't think I think -- all you'll be able to pick one of these -- what does that connects your TV and history Netflix pandora YouTube this happens you've got connected TV and forty -- not been an exact I think those are gonna I think that's going to be a big thing this here because. TVs aren't necessarily changing -- people got the TV last year they got the brand new -- what you can -- do with it is exactly. Great tips present to be here doing -- -- the mess is the best mark in the -- now right. I am not mistaken the -- house here -- I'm gonna stay at the next back reckons that -- street -- another window. Thanks and we perceive to be here again this is doing this -- ABC news take him.

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{"id":17794151,"title":"Black Friday: Tech Deals and Tips","duration":"3:17","description":"ABC News technology editor Joanna Stern shares the best Black Friday tech deals and tips. ","url":"/WNN/video/black-friday-tech-deals-tips-17794151","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}