OK Go Blows the Mind With Another Illusion-Filled Music Video

"The Writing's On The Wall" follows the band's trend for on-camera illusions.
2:55 | 06/18/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for OK Go Blows the Mind With Another Illusion-Filled Music Video
Welcome back it's time for the next you know there are music videos and then there are music videos in this -- rock group from Chicago OK go. Has really set the bar high take a look at this week. American visual illusion but it's pretty awesome this group. Is known for taking. Pretty significant and -- one tape. They have 700000. Views -- this one on YouTube right now -- -- with a lot of funding. Me I'm sitting naked people looks like the background -- whether trying to achieve there which go through the name of the song writing on the wall yeah that's about. Barry intrastate well how about a little bit dating -- Dot com. Using facial recognition. If you have an -- that you like but you don't like their hands you can still get -- similar looking -- apparently by using facial recognition technology. It's gonna cost it out. It's gonna cost you five grand for six month membership but you do get -- dating college. They actually meet with -- they talk about your partner preferences it sounds like. And -- life coach. -- -- -- -- -- It is it is -- maybe Elvis pictures you have your acts in the shoe box someone in the bad could. Could be come in handy thanks for that if you're looking for mr. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- has -- -- patients benefit from -- Leon we've got -- if you know. In a different kind of need to take over if you will under the -- -- let's talk about a driver less car they're taking on their catching. Catching fire but one prankster in Europe have some fun dressing up. Says the actual car seat -- -- have a pocket drive around town and see what people think. When -- really does come my lovely expression. On the -- here this guy and the drive you unbelievable you can't even see him the only seriously I'm really does wondering how was able to actually drive because this isn't like -- It driver's car is handling pop pop into detached we'll never as you can see he does Clinton pretty low fat is. Pretty funny and then you've seen people but the fact that they've gotten a writer -- -- hilarious. Like I spent a good one -- You know Thailand is always fabulous for crazy crazy animal videos. And so the net here the better what -- -- -- Look at these dogs as media -- -- -- 100000. -- stampeding all at once about a 150 miles. Away from Bangkok on the street it's like riding with a full -- Claxton can't believe they're adorable they -- great yeah so what. -- yeah -- they're just running around like a stampede of the opposite. Game time in the bulls' morning -- -- Tyler. And maybe they could make vacation destination I don't know I would go to this vacation destination -- to -- the -- run around. Ireland has their -- Thailand they're gonna -- It is very video. I'll crack I'd love to be stuck in traffic with -- coming up more news from ABC stick with.

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{"id":24187588,"title":"OK Go Blows the Mind With Another Illusion-Filled Music Video","duration":"2:55","description":"\"The Writing's On The Wall\" follows the band's trend for on-camera illusions.","url":"/WNN/video/blows-mind-illusion-filled-music-video-24187588","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}