Bobby Brown Checks into Rehab

Bobby Brown looks for help with his abuse of alcohol.
3:00 | 08/15/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Bobby Brown Checks into Rehab
All right everybody welcome back to world news now -- today's version of the skinny Bobby Brown. According to TMZ and radar online and his wife. But two months -- checked himself into rehab. The crew member in just a month after his ex wife Diane Whitney Houston passed away in February back in March steps he was arrested for. He is currently dating system how reportedly for alcohol abuse issues its parliament he's had to order from four years and he's been pretty open about it and we Canucks on an open book when -- and Whitney had their reality show. -- mother drug issues as well let -- Really with the urging Nunn met his new -- and -- and they come together for some person rendition concerts and that they really firsthand. To get some help because they saw the spiral that it was going on his wife. This is telling radar online that he's doing great. Here in rehab again have been married two months and she is she saying that he -- that he couldn't do. It on his and he decided he needed health wants to make the best out of the rest of his life for his children safe but you know what it's taken men taken that step. Very very important. Absolutely endless from the vessel Sophia Nelson this time wouldn't Kristen Stewart had a rough time of lakes and pay -- Yeah and she's out in that movie Snow White and the Huntsman if they do a sequel that made it clear that she will not be in the movie -- not -- in. -- return if in fact -- follow up. Happens that's according to the Hollywood reporter. The move comes in the wake up her end the married director of that movie Rupert Sanders 41 years old apologizing for that romantic affair after some compromising photos of the -- -- Published in July so it's highly unusual. Clearly was not remotely would have been offered if they did get back together the director and Stewart to reunite for a sequel. There's no clear reason why they move forward without -- universal didn't respond to any request for comment. And it's unclear whether or not Rupert -- is going to return to direct that's -- well yes and it's unclear if there is going to be a sequel. So basically this whole story is unclear unclear. -- just above one thing is clear she won't be back if there's a -- There's some there's something there's -- yeah vagaries. Okay on the Kate Middleton and had to -- and who likes to post news and all right I'm sure not a good thing when -- in her -- -- no OK so ending the upcoming -- I'm yes the September edition of Playboy Katrina darling will grace the cover Playboy she's apparently. -- 25 cousin. Five -- then that's your second cousin second cup second cousin once removed wants -- and -- that she had no I. The an issue is even related to Kate Middleton and until 2011. To get this of member of the UK press column Darlington former -- famous cousin. The darling twins -- would ever surprise when she discovered her family lineage quote it was the most ridiculous thing -- ever heard is that every day. That's something like this -- -- is currently to a green fit the US talk about a puppy and out here and we're Yorktown -- but she she channels this -- take with the -- her burlesque show which is god saved. The queen so yes she is a burlesque dancer 22 years old second cousin. Once removed something tells me she's not been invited to the barbecues. There's never even met the -- now they've never even -- out of him and they -- remember well how about that -- devalue fat. I can't stand -- now get your fan you might want to check out the latest that magazine GQ areas on the cover looking kind of suddenly when she says he's. Can hand them yeah apparently has another shot -- -- that features of shirtless various. While striking a Christ like pose and an empty football stadium this one was actually -- -- at the university of Florida -- few years back easily 25 and realized it was quite that young. Content liking. Yes I actually need a washing machines that I can just to have those ads and safe -- -- here adds I'm looking forward to. He's missing with Tim Tebow -- for the -- that -- talk about running all these players that they actually gonna use more I think as a -- than a quarter. He is not really necessarily the prototypical quarterback -- and I think -- -- tight end. Great tonight and he had his dad. They hadn't. And you know and I -- to. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

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{"id":17008578,"title":"Bobby Brown Checks into Rehab","duration":"3:00","description":"Bobby Brown looks for help with his abuse of alcohol.","url":"/WNN/video/bobby-brown-checks-rehab-17008578","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}