Bobby Brown on Whitney Houston

Could her ex-husband tell-all about Whitney?
3:32 | 02/22/12

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Transcript for Bobby Brown on Whitney Houston
You know one thing that Kelly she's really good that. The few things he I was really good -- backpedaling but his mouth -- last week you probably heard on TNC where he called on Ashton Kutcher. And this is it a phone conversation with -- he -- I'm tired of pretending that showed us and -- I'm tired of -- action doesn't sack I'm tired averaging and -- I completely adrift he also said. -- is just a victim of bad writing well. It back had a -- on Tuesday he. Took some of the bat on his web site that kind of issued a little bit of an apology to -- and he says dear action my bad I was disrespectful to a man doing his best. I got excited three -- -- crossfire the rest of my statement I stand behind you however deserve better safety in your travels concern signed the late Charlie. Bloomberg -- -- Jewish character on the show in -- policies and -- just -- to be quiet and chill out and relax and does that shut up when putting something out there and taken back and all that -- units overly you know he had he had under Cheney this Saturday and headed drama last year all over the news enough let me move all of the show -- all about to move -- be dealt with it now and not just. Charlie all right. Abdel course the darling of the news and world right now out of ignited the grammys now seems that -- -- Britain's version of the grammys on Tuesday. So she wins best album and her producer gets up there gives -- a long rambling acceptance speech so much so that it was her turn to get to the Mike she didn't have a lot of time lapse of in the middle for speech. However a few lines of their speech I should say they oppose kind of comes and it cuts her off as she did not like Jackson she flips in the third to the folks. Hagee said later sorry if I offended anyone but the people and -- offended me I wasn't swearing at the fans by didn't get to complete my thank you speech so. Jeff and defenders come on Twitter CEO -- -- you let her finish you know the species the big -- these -- -- -- -- but. Iraq produces of this show know sometimes that folks stop too long and we -- the time they -- shut -- sure we're doing right now so they'll didn't mean -- she does that little moment of frustration she got. Cut off -- -- -- I doubt we we we can we can relate. And Anderson was -- by Robbie brown back in the news again obviously -- more fallout from the Whitney Houston funeral for years ago we actually tried to shop a book. About his about his wife -- -- off the radar that point dollars and since her death she's been dominating the headlines a word is according to the Huffington Post. That he is trying to. Go back out there and sell a book -- -- tell all book about his life for the winning things that he knew however he did have a confidentiality agreement when his divorce was finalized close. He has to deal with. The impact possibly on his daughter so you don't know what is gonna do it or not she wouldn't seem to be in bad taste so soon after her death but. But hey anyone has the funerals well we met or -- -- he was. Maybe disrespect I thought at that point it's not about and that's going to be with the sort of the default risk -- -- at his door but. And lastly lastly Chris Brown he doesn't have the filter apparently so CM punk who is -- WWE champion is calling him out of course this is all because of the -- and domestic abuse out of Rihanna and CM punk tweeted I would like Chris Brown to fight somebody that can defend themselves he about a -- be -- Stopping that turned -- -- -- wrestled -- moment around responded he's more followers he's such a leader not to mention the royalties on estimated utterly impossible for him to pleasure a woman. Authorities sent a that was it -- he took it down but he did the same thing last week mind seeing what you mean -- day management.

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{"id":15763798,"title":"Bobby Brown on Whitney Houston","duration":"3:32","description":"Could her ex-husband tell-all about Whitney?","url":"/WNN/video/bobby-brown-whitney-houston-15763798","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}