Boston Strong, Korean Ferry and the News of the Week

Airplane stowaway, Ukraine and fight for the middle class made up the week's headlines.
2:51 | 04/25/14

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Transcript for Boston Strong, Korean Ferry and the News of the Week
What really gets banned from the anniversary of Boston Marathon bombing to the search for answers after a ferry disaster in South Korea as a woman fighting for the middle class steps forward and a game show host stops dancing. Here's the Friday -- want. -- and let anything stop and Boston had its parent I'm back. I was really turned it appears this teenager did scale a section of our perimeter fence. Under cover of darkness and remain undetected as he proceeded onto our aircraft ramp. The fact that this person appears to have survived without any problems it is incredibly lucky. Incredibly -- yes it only technical term that a plus. This is -- wall and -- information about. The -- didn't -- not idle and the families are having nightmares to try to figure out if this is when they love him. We -- cleared. Bit more provocative behavior. LaRoche it will lead to more cost. And into greater isolation. It's time for Russia to stop talking and start acting. This is up by far the most extreme that CNN world where we've been actually working on a moment something has opened up -- him. Did she wouldn't say I am healthier happier than I've ever been. The -- is -- to work for those who already have money and power for working families -- not looking for a hand out. They just want a level playing field it wasn't because I asked -- -- that was because I like directly against what they said you know means that while -- -- Committee KCBS Dancing With The Stars -- -- -- to call -- dancing with women or wherever you -- -- Next job I'm thinking -- that pays that. -- -- -- We -- pace I'm -- -- a guy who remind you about a special feature up for our FaceBook fans. Is told about before it's called in KC mainstay and you can check it out it's all the this moment of the week. Plant did not onto our -- -- -- W and fans after -- -- right and when you do logon or FaceBook page you'll see that we've reached that milestone. 100000 FaceBook -- This is huge food a very special thank you to all of you who check in with us from time to time and -- Every -- -- every other day. We always want to hear from -- -- social media component is really important that show it's your hands and by the way we also just reached 181000. On -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- This is ABC's world news now and forming insomniacs for two decades and.

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{"id":23465710,"title":"Boston Strong, Korean Ferry and the News of the Week","duration":"2:51","description":"Airplane stowaway, Ukraine and fight for the middle class made up the week's headlines.","url":"/WNN/video/boston-strong-korean-ferry-news-week-23465710","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}