Boulder Nearly Crushes Car

A giant boulder narrowly misses a car during a landslide in Taiwan.
2:54 | 09/02/13

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Transcript for Boulder Nearly Crushes Car
All right time now for the -- this first video Sunday you want to see it's pretty lights. They're borrowing driver's nightmare yeah. -- want to you to Taiwan is a huge storm happening there he went to see this video you can see there's there's a storm. Now keep your eyes and irritates -- still -- -- see that but what happens next phase of as the cart there is well. Apparently -- lightly and it's the and -- like he's the guy that white car. Clinton hall there somebody hears that looks like it's not a coincidence that all -- crazy to look at you know -- -- After going through Atlanta -- that I guarantee that we -- -- completely covered they might not even know that what happened and perhaps that's the -- Don't even now you see the video now in your panicky because you're thinking I was that close what never would have happened today to announce another video but this one's kind of cool yeah everybody -- the wedding. You go round when you're in the parred the wedding party or you just that as a guest and this -- static like hey you wish the couple well eastern daylight time candidate -- -- and and I. Okay there's a couple of decided they didn't want to do that they got married outside of Seattle Washington their names are. -- and playing and they something a little different today had all of their gas. To the beat of blurred lines -- they. Do you like this below emotions. Kind of everything all -- ones -- get up there and do whatever he wanted like them it's like a photo. In motion almost discipline. He felt fresher look and I -- our respective rights and kind of though they're -- yeah. And everybody -- they wanted to know if it really is like a letter moving but imagine that lady -- -- what was. It's definitely unique it's definitely different area club and their wedding. Well wishers who -- -- act I now. They probably had no idea that this is that what we're gonna happen with -- they were doing. There isn't really saying everybody that's coming all of this really neat idea of running errands and become like it now that important development now everybody watches -- -- are. Have ruined so it's next video also -- interest in -- slightly different than what we've been talking about -- We're going home -- of my home Chicago. Right after county jail and to try something different there with the inmates were -- actually having people come and perform different works of art for them -- -- want to -- and you'll see this as Shakespeare's Othello. Johnson though those are actors and they're performing a -- to. The inmate sand and you know the good thing about this is that. These inmates a lot of these are by the way minimum risk inmates and and they need this kind of -- helps in more ways than you would imagine to have something like this. For them there instead. That's conflicts of.

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{"id":20133634,"title":"Boulder Nearly Crushes Car","duration":"2:54","description":"A giant boulder narrowly misses a car during a landslide in Taiwan.","url":"/WNN/video/boulder-crushes-car-20133634","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}