Boy Scouts Hospitalized After Lightning Strike

A lightning strike at a New Hampshire Boy Scouts camp injured nearly two dozen scouts.
1:52 | 06/25/13

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Transcript for Boy Scouts Hospitalized After Lightning Strike
You're watching America this morning at America's number 1 in the early morning news. Right back here at home extreme weather overnight nearly two dozen Boy Scouts in New England recovering from a lightning strike that strike in central New Hampshire -- three adults and 23 scouts to the hospital some as young. -- thirteen years old. It happens every major storm just outside of film. Lightning strike it can't bell officials say no one was hit directly by the lightning. Because everyone was huddled under shelter at the time they -- hit that -- -- -- -- hit the ground and travel through with a -- -- -- been anchored by the rope. I'm to a tree -- travel there's still many different ways when you get -- -- -- things can travel in all 23 scouts and three adults were hospitalized six of -- -- suffered burns to their chests but officials say no one suffered life threatening injuries. Severe weather also pounding the nation's midsection in Illinois -- high winds and torrential rains triggered mudslides. Downed trees and blew over vehicles on the interstate. Every rains flooded parts of southwestern Indiana and hundreds of people are still cleaning up from flooding in southwestern Wisconsin. There a lot of roads that were washed out seeing a lot of bridges damaged that are impassable. Just Culbertson tubes that are washed out. Now people -- just looking forward -- to get their houses livable again. Damage estimates in the town of Bosco -- -- already topping three million dollars and more severe weather is expected across the plains states and upper midwest today. And there is more breaking weather news we are keeping an I have a strengthening storm in the Pacific Ocean costs may expected to become a hurricane sometime today. Sustained winds right now up to 65 miles an hour the storm's biggest effect on land will be big waves they are considered life threatening in some areas.

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{"id":19480162,"title":"Boy Scouts Hospitalized After Lightning Strike","duration":"1:52","description":"A lightning strike at a New Hampshire Boy Scouts camp injured nearly two dozen scouts.","url":"/WNN/video/boy-scouts-hospitalized-lightning-strike-19480162","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}