A Boyfriend That's Jealous of Mitt Romney

When seeing the photo of a man he didn't recognize - Mitt Romney - he smashes girlfriend's computer.
2:55 | 08/01/12

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Transcript for A Boyfriend That's Jealous of Mitt Romney
And now it's time before the mix look at this. There isn't a man he suspected that his live in girlfriend was planning an affair so he goes -- your computer. And he sees a picture of a man he didn't recognize on her FaceBook page -- cents -- -- he gets very upset. He angrily demands who that is because he doesn't recognize the face and it's Mitt Romney she's just. Surfing the web and she's on Mitt Romney's speech. PT yes -- -- -- his presidential contender Mitt Romney he's still freaks out and he takes your computer any smashes it against the why many kids turn. In the face off -- he -- and you know -- he's been found before on his name is -- Lowell. Turban and now he's sitting. In a jail cell phone -- he should be -- just for sheer out of a busy living under a rock -- you don't know who Mitt Romney is an independent reading for. The presidency. It is in jail has -- to make his Mensa meeting. Isn't admits that all -- -- now every Wednesday there Mitt Romney and allow us to handle many. Got a runaway all right also really -- had much email we get inundated. The offices is incredible surveillance and Houston the other kind of quantify how much time we -- spend on. Squeezed into a half hours every day of writing emails a couple found -- more. In a corner of most employees time is wasted sending receiving -- sorting out emails instead. I'm doing their jobs they say every year workers spend 81 of working days hunched over their computers emailing people most -- -- people in. There office so I believe hours a week for -- as we based on a 46 hour work week according to this study that's how much we're on the email I was crazy. We email each other we know right next -- -- had gotten evidence our tech -- -- -- -- added words you know. Well -- pants sagging pants is this still could still in the news. This guy gets kicked off of an airliner in Chicago over the weekend he's arguing. With attendance over his severely sagging pants with Spirit Airlines apparently they -- The so -- they were hanging below his buttocks. -- his hope moves without -- -- good -- -- out and you know and the airline's code requires customers to Wear shoes and adequate clothing and I don't think it's adequate when your but -- hanging out. This vintage all over the country cities and tried to ban the said -- have to -- events become like -- cultural touch when it was to -- -- that can. Fish in your neighborhood doing their thing that'll come on the play notice that there again the major you know every year now comfortable -- way to put a feel bad. I can't live for a quick we've all heard about the leaning -- season now and not in Italy knows they have the coliseum in a row. It was actually starting to lean a little bit his twelfth 2000 years -- -- little traffic and areas causing the leans out the front they have what the problems. Here's a look at you can't make six. Some people into the left didn't.

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{"id":16902400,"title":"A Boyfriend That's Jealous of Mitt Romney","duration":"2:55","description":"When seeing the photo of a man he didn't recognize - Mitt Romney - he smashes girlfriend's computer.","url":"/WNN/video/boyfriend-jealous-mitt-romney-16902400","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}