Is Your Brain to Blame for Obesity?

A study shows that your brain may cause overeating and obesity.
3:00 | 10/16/12

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Transcript for Is Your Brain to Blame for Obesity?
Welcome back to make everybody I have -- -- because -- -- his studio an Arctic. Yeah -- doesn't believe in wearing sleeves even though we are now -- in the fall. OK so if you're looking for some light reading from the journal molecular cell phone to my two favorite -- to. Why your brain could be making you fat not necessarily -- which would your -- carried out. A new study from the researchers at the University of Michigan -- to the victors by the way. They say that -- some of -- don't respond to the hormones that regulate our appetite because. They're focusing on left -- which plays a key role in regulating your body weight thanks signaling to the brain. To reduce your appetite and actually burn more calories and as a result of hasn't significant link to obesity -- some of us that just happen. Our brains are wired differently and that he -- are responsive when of the hormones that regulate. Appetite again all of this in the journal of molecular -- for some. Like reading they admire their legacy is right next to my maximum. Right now we've all heard this since we were little you know kids -- your hands wash your hands. There's truth to this it and sound of -- lose a new study out it's gonna make you sick Adrian some right now you may want to put it down this what it says 26%. Of -- -- and sample showed traces of fecal contamination and bacteria including E. Coli. 16% of participants surveyed admitted. They did not wash their hands before eating. 187 banknotes banknotes contains as much bacteria as a dirty toilet bowl so your debit card and we all live by these days. You know what -- can contain and time let's bacteria as a dirty. Dirty toilet bowl. That's what I'm saying so you'd be better off. Lately he's the to a little rant than girls and women debit card around which you don't weekends as your business hello I'm Donna. Obviously I've written this book the facts here said he doubted me in dirty back his credibility when her car these days put the heading off to the corner whatever so swipe at -- white. -- And why today's password wife as always and good bit of advice for duke and also some more advice for government the survey taken by washing detergent -- have never heard of they -- -- -- Wear purple to attract a partner -- just 20% of women sit it declined to date because they did not like. That person's clothes that's -- now it's -- it's your 28%. 2000 women were pulled listed at 60% of the close of the -- -- deal breaker out of the -- place by its suitors haircuts 50% stylish shoes. And even if they get past that first level. Tweak their 25% say they're gonna you have try to weed out the work for the next day do you know do you know -- typically notice. Near Iowa -- is an after the deal breaker for you were you know I will freely admit I have no fashion that's my husband's but where Anthony's death were -- No wonder pretty no -- -- -- of action for twenty years.

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{"id":17487554,"title":"Is Your Brain to Blame for Obesity?","duration":"3:00","description":"A study shows that your brain may cause overeating and obesity.","url":"/WNN/video/brain-blame-obesity-17487554","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}