'Breaking Bad' Finale Loved By Critics, Fans

The AMC drama yielded a big audience and big advertising dollars for its final episode.
3:52 | 09/30/13

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Transcript for 'Breaking Bad' Finale Loved By Critics, Fans
Haaretz daily breaking bad won't give it away but the finale. Was out last night. -- yeah and talk about wow you how much the advertisers are drooling to get on to them they were paying 400000. Dollars apparently. This according to the article they -- and put into those Super Bowl 32 spot is that a hot show or watch how this is show that back in 20081 point two million people watched. Now more than six million people watched. And -- for the finale. People loved it critics gave it a big thumbs up and we get a couple of tweets. What what hunter Moore says and harsh Garnett and she's -- -- -- that -- gosh darnit the last breaking bad episode was perfect. Eric -- their -- the most excellent finale breaking bad may rank as one of the greatest achievements in modern golden age of television -- And nothing but glowing step in this finale which I did not -- that premiership you know six million people watching actually afraid to say that have only seen a couple of episodes of the first seat at the back wants this whole thing more episodes and I had assault and a I realize now that this is up -- that didn't catch up the -- got a lot of catching up. Still -- to check out that -- we brought you. That news this is. That happened about five let's go for cocaine addiction according that was TMZ well he posted a picture. What is is a Democrat and he's. -- opening up for the first time about what may be his problem so he. Posted -- picture that you see there this is in Peru he visited it was his father and he says hey guys just returned from an incredible trip to Peru with my dad and wanted to thank you all for your support. These past few weeks means the world -- me. Love that you guys it's really interesting year -- -- And -- courts are just poking fun but curling just surpassed Columbia. As. The cutting capital of the world's who -- did you think date back that would be. Where he would go to finish. There is a rehab ironic. Very ironic it's really -- capital just so happens to be that they grow almost right they grow more Coca and then okay -- then Columbia so they have to have high Snelling. Did you by the way and it's awesome so I'm I'm sure must've been really great to be up most -- -- have to get out of rehab very cool -- Katy Perry. This is unless she says she had suicidal thoughts after her split from Russell Brand -- might. Pretty serious stuff right she said that she had these -- -- thoughts following that split from her ex husband and she explains in the lyrics behind her emotional song by the grace of god in an interview and admit that she questioned whether she should continue living. She told Billboard Magazine the -- is evident of how tough it really was at a certain point I asked myself do I want -- indoors and should -- continue living. Unfortunately obviously she's dead and that -- is -- a lot more -- These days thanks in part to her. On again off again boyfriend John Mayer. About in the interview as well so she's doing much better to she's doing. Incredibly talented tonight saying she you know you. When she was the act so even when she was in the midst of all that nobody had any idea she obviously for herself into her work and she's just -- achieved so much yesterday. But -- a check it out Oprah Winfrey has been asked over and over good questions and married her longtime -- have a top of that so apparently she is now would. We're sitting demands that she marry him her good friend Tina Turner. Is demanding that she married her longtime boyfriend but over -- standing firm saying that she doesn't mind leaving the earth as a never married woman she had -- very clear he told Access Hollywood. I didn't know I will not marry -- man. Yeah I think that's my final answers so there you have America she'll never ever ever -- pregnant you. We think he's secretly dying in the ring and he just fine -- I -- -- how -- I think south Natalie some bad but it.

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{"id":20417236,"title":"'Breaking Bad' Finale Loved By Critics, Fans","duration":"3:52","description":"The AMC drama yielded a big audience and big advertising dollars for its final episode.","url":"/WNN/video/breaking-bad-finale-loved-critics-fans-20417236","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}